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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Donald Trump is under the most oppressive and murderous government in America than Kim Jong-Un of North Korea

Donald Trump is under the most oppressive and murderous government in America than Kim Jong-Un of North Korea

North Korea is not responsible for HIV/Aids and Ebola, it's the American government

America is a dangerous country, even though everyone looks on the country as a land of opportunity, freedom, and dreams but the crime the country secretly commits and covers up is shocking if compared to that of North Korea.

In a world many innocent people are dying of crimes they didn't commit and people being led astray because of political and medical lies, we find it appropriate to choose such a title for our article today. 

According to America, its foundation was built on democracy but there is no real freedom of speech in that country because of fear. If there isn't any fear in America or people don't have fear for their lives, there would have been one of the biggest medical demonstrations in the history of America.

For those who have been deceived and led astray by the American government, World Health Organization, and the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, the medical professionals of this blog want everyone, including our readers to understand that Aids and Ebola didn't appear miraculously from heaven to Africa because of poverty but it's the hand work of the American government.

The American government and its Western Europe allies, such as Belgium, France, Britain, Holland etc, are responsible for Aids and Ebola in the world today, while they call the North Korea leader a killer. They feel so strong to call others killers because only a few people know that Aids and Ebola were bio-weapons tested in Africa.

Why many still aren't convinced that Aids and Ebola were man-made diseases, the only question we do ask those doubting Thomases is that: Why a disease like Aids is decimating the world with millions of people living with both HIV and Aids, while thousands are dying around the globe, yet the American government wouldn't say anything about it?

The answer is simple and logical because when one is guilty of a serious crime and wouldn't like to face justice, the best way they feel okay is to pretend that the problem doesn't exist. They feel restless and therefore, shifts their attention on other things, such as climate change to deceive people that they care about mankind and the environment.

Medical crimes by the American government in America and Africa

1. On December 28, 1993, 'The Times;' revealed that between 1946 and 1956, twenty mentally ill patients in the United States were fed with radioactive food. According to the newspaper 'Boston Globe,' this happened as a nuclear experiment during the cold war.

2. The notorious Tuskegee experiment started in 1932, just before the start of German Nationals Socialism, which ended in 1972. Since the experiment project became public, the US government paid out a compensation of 10 million dollars in damages but no apologies were made.

3. The distribution of specific micro-organisms with vaccinations among black people with roots from Africa and syphilis experiment on black people increased by 132%, while diseases in whites decreased by 69%.

4. In 1968, a study conducted by John Hopkins University in Baltimore, funded by the US military found out that the military laboratory had conducted experiments of Aids-causing viruses on insects to transfer the infection.

5. Cytomegalo Virus Infection in HIV patients sometimes affects 100% in the USA. But the incidence of Aids was induced on purpose. Lethal substances and micro-organisms were tested in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Congo, South and Central Africa.

Medical crimes by the US government and its allies, Britain, Belgium, France, and Holland 

Alan Cantwell notified in his book published by “The Los Angeles Aries Rising Press” that he had written a book titled “Aids and the Doctors of Death, An Inquiry Into the Origin of the Aids epidemic.” 

In his book, he described that U.S. scientists under former President Richard Nixon had been involved in the spread of germs through vaccination. Cantwell stated:

“In my book, I had collected thousands of scientific articles that dealt with the onset of Aids and while that could have proved the deadly vaccination is the story of a decision by the then U.S. President Richard Nixon. 

Early in 1971, the U.S. Congress submitted one hundred million U.S. dollars for an intensive vaccination campaign, with the goal of finding a cure for leukemia, a disease that is caused by radiation.

The radiation activates mycosis fungoïdes, the precursor of the HIV-virus. Nixon’s request was honored. In the same year in Uganda’s West Nile District and initiated by the United States, an extensive medical field research started. 

It involved about 45,000 children. Each year after vaccination, blood was taken to determine whether a relationship existed between an infection with the Epstein-Barr virus, also known as glandular fever or ‘kissing disease’ and the occurrence of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a skin cancer by the cytomegalovirus CMV, which also caused herpes.

Under the nose of the World Health Organization from 1954 to 1957, Dr. Hillary Koprowski injected over a million Africans with the viruses of Aids and Ebola, deceiving them it was a vaccine for polio. Between 1960 and 1973, tests were held on a major initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) at a medical field research site in the West Nile district.

Blood was not only taken from children but also babies, to investigate a relationship which existed between a common endemic disease and the virus that causes mononucleosis. But that wasn’t the reason. They were actually looking for antibodies against micro-organisms, the reason those children and babies were given contaminated polio vaccines.

This contaminated vaccine was confirmed by Professor-Scientist Cohen, decades ago in a medical press conference held in The Netherlands. With all these emerged evidence can the World Health Organization still continue to pretend they aren’t aware or know that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes against humanity?

Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, went through a very dark period under the regime of Ian Smith, and after his removal; the place became a forgotten country. Before the country attained its independence from Britain in 1980, the government discovered of HIV antibodies, tuberculosis, and contaminated vaccination, in Zimbabwean children, purposely done by the Pasteur Institute of France. 

The contaminated vaccine led to the explosion of venereal diseases but they were never exposed to the media and the world of literature, the way it should have been done because it was a medical crime.

While gripped with fear and sadness after losing Congo, Belgium triggered the first Ebola in the country and later assassinated the newly elected Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, and before the fall of the Apartheid in South Africa, Britain and Holland played a role by infecting South Africans with the HIV/Aids viruses.

Meanwhile, in Uganda, the government had suspected a British doctor, Dr. Wilson Carswell of deliberately infecting Ugandans with the Aids virus. Shortly afterward, unknown people ransacked the house of Wilson Carswell, the leading Aids-research scientist and destroyed his computer together with all the Aids files 

Dr. Wilson Carswell, then a member of the British armed forces escaped with his life. After a short stay with his commissioners in Porton Down, Great Britain, he was able to start up again as head of the Aids unit of the Department of National Health and Population Development in South Africa and continued his deliberate Aids infection. 

Today, South Africa has the highest HIV/Aids rate in the world. Reference: Dr. Wilson Carswell the medical adviser to the government’s Aids unit, says about 100 000 South Africans are infected with HIV-

Through milk, water, and food distributed by the United Nations, to war-torn countries in the Third World, including refugee camps in Haiti, Uganda etc, the American government deliberately spread diseases such as Aids, nodding disease, Kaposi's sarcoma, and many others.

The American government became successful with all its crimes including the bio-weapons project for global depopulation because no one dares to expose them. After Aids, as if that wasn't enough, the US government again triggered Ebola in West Africa killing thousands of Sierra Leoneans, Guineans, and Liberians.

World leaders fear to speak against America's clandestinely crimes but not Putin and Kim Jong-Un. So far, they are the two world leaders who have accused America of testing Ebola virus in Africa.

How many people did America murdered in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, and Congo, after Ebola, yet they have kept sealed lips? It saddened our hearts knowing well that America committed such a serious crime but wouldn't like anyone to know just to avoid justice.

With this kind of attitude, how do Americans want to be respected? The reason the North Korean government doesn't have respect for any American leader because he knows them as murderers preying on the weak and vulnerable black people, not only in Africa but also in the United States.

North Korea leader, Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un could be a dictator or tyrant leader. He has killed his own family, including his brother. Everyone witnessed what he did to Otto Warmbier before his death on American soil, yet the American government has done worse and committed the gravest atrocities than Kim Jong-Un. This is what hypocrites have failed to acknowledge.

Whatever he does, whether deadly or not is open. He never hides or denies what he does. But the American government commits crimes and covers up. Kim Jong-Un is not responsible for the testing of bio-weapons of Aids and Ebola which have killed thousands and still killing, yet the shameless American government has the guts to call Kim Jong-Un a killer.

People can't live like that to make this world a better place. The reasons many are toiling for nothing. Since light and darkness can't share the same room, there can never be a successful government build on lies, crimes, and hypocrisy. 

The American government and its allies preach virtue and practice vice, the reason the Europe and America are fighting a fruitless battle against terrorism.

In regard to what everyone is witnessing now in Europe and America, it's only a few people who are aware that they are responsible. The innocent people are dying for the crimes Europe and America committed decades ago and today around the globe. 

The saddest part of it all is what we have seen is just the tip of the iceberg. More violence will erupt and terrorism will strike. It will only stop if the victims of injustice are given the justice they deserve.

Kim Jong-Un


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