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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Some lawyers are ripping off money from their clients and partial rulings against Africans have increased in Belgium

Some lawyers are ripping off money from their clients and partial rulings against Africans have increased in Belgium

Who pays a lawyer? The answer is simple, the one who hires one. In a country like Belgium, an African is always denied justice uncommon news always flashes.

In the past weeks, we have been publishing stories of one Mr. Daniel Sackey, a resident in Antwerp, Belgium. Racism propelled his boss to sack him while on sick leave over an injury he sustained at work.

His boss then conspired with the company's medical doctor and insurance not to approve his injury despite all the medical records pertaining the injury he sustained at work. He lost his job without benefit and compensation after eight years in the company.

Yet, when we published the story on our blog, his former boss Bart Auman contacted his lawyer with a threat to remove the publication from our blog and we ignored him. EIGHT YEARS AFTER HARD WORK AT MERCEDES-BENZ - TAC: HERENTALS, HIS WORK WAS TERMINATED WHILE ON SICK LEAVE

Mr. Sackeys money deposited at Fortis Bank before renting a house was given to the landlord by the bank after he forged his signature on a letter. This is a crime but the Antwerp Police Department refused to arrest the landlord because he is a Belgian.

It sounds ridiculous to note such things are taking place in a country classified as the center of the European Union where world leaders converge in Brussels to discuss over many issues.

The fact that the Belgian newspapers never publish crime against Africans some unscrupulous Belgians have taken it as a license to cheat and steal the money of foreigners of which Mr. Daniel Sackey has become a victim, not once but four times.

Recently we published a story entitled: LAWYER PROVIDES HER ACCOUNT FOR CLIENT'S MONEY, after Mr. Sackey's lawyer stole his money. Later, he realized that his lawyer has also stolen his money he deposited at the office of Korfina before renting a new house. 

Korfina, the company knew that Mr. Sackey deposited the money into the office's account, yet they transferred the money into his lawyer's account when Suzanne Van Rossem demanded the money.

Thanks to this blog which has become one of the most effective widely read independent media to expose the crimes of many Belgians, including the police, the government and some lawyers. 

After series of publication after the missing of Mr. Sackey's money, he finally had a letter from the Company Korfina confirming that his lawyer requested the money to be transferred into her account.

The lawyer, Suzanne Van Rossem, smelling pepper, quickly released the money into Mr. Sackey's account but the amount was incomplete. After the publication, the Company Korfina saw it and quickly wrote this e-mail to Mr. Sackey.

Dear Sir, 

Concerning: MUYLE - LEBBE t/ SACKEY 

We received well your e-mail of 28th May. Please note that in the context of the privacy legislation we can't inform you concerning the payment of the lawyer of Mr. and Mrs. MUYLE - LEBBE. 

We kindly ask you to turn you directly to your lawyer Mrs. VAN ROSSEM concerning your question about the payment of her costs. 

Otherwise, we have seen that on your blog on the date of 09/06 there is still the mention that the company Korfina doesn't tell the truth and qualify this as a lie and that you have maintained on your blog the e-mail sent to you from Isabel Braem from Korfina Services. 

We kindly ask you to remove all these information out of your blog. 

Yours sincerely, Patrick Boterbergh CEO


Conclusion and opinion of the writers of this blog

Mr. Daniel Sackey deposited the money into the coffers the Company Korfina. In the first place, it's a crime as noted in their mail asking him to contact his lawyer Suzanne Van Rossem for his money. They have no right to give someone's money to his lawyer.

Mr. Sackey was the one who hired lawyer Suzanne Van Rossem, so it's a crime if Korfina says they paid Suzanne Van Rossem. No one drinks medicine on the behalf of a sick person, therefore, Mr. Sackey is responsible for that payment but not Korfina.

Another criminal fact which should have taken the boss of the Company Korfina to jail and the lawyer, Suzanne Van Rossem to lose her license is, according to the Korfina "concerning the payment of the lawyer of Mr. and Mrs. MUYLE - LEBBE."

Mr. Daniel Sackey has no business with the lawyer of Mr. and Mrs. Muyle-Lebbe, the landlord and his wife who lost their case when they tried to steal Mr. Sackey's money from Korfina. 

It's therefore, meaningless and senseless if Company Korfina or Suzanne Van Rossem claim that they paid the lawyer of the landlords. How could something like that happen?

Suzanne Van Rossem couldn't provide the full amount after stealing her client's money, thus; the best excuse Korfina can give is paying the lawyer of someone who has lost his case.

Both Company Korfina and lawyer Suzanne Van Rossem are guilty. We are now in a modern world that such injustices can no longer be tolerated. No one is above the law. 

If there is a genuine law, then it should take the right course because Mr. Sackey would have been to prison by now if he had committed all those crimes the Belgians have done against him. 

Finally, we want to inform the Company Korfina that we can't remove any publication about them from our blog. We don't do that. The money given to Mr. Sackey was incomplete, where ever the remaining 700 Euros is gone, they should find it and give it back to him.

Even though none of the writers of this blog has any judicial experience it seems we are doing better than some of these Belgian lawyers.

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