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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Donald Trump has no Africa in his agenda and may take months, a year or years to visit the first African country

Donald Trump has no Africa in his agenda and may take months, a year or years to visit the first African country

Since Donald Trump came to power, he hasn't mentioned Africa in his agenda yet. From every angle, it's clear that he has no time for African leaders. If he has, time will tell.

There is an end to everything, therefore, it's time for African leaders to stop depending on European and American leaders for a magic wand to heal and sustain our economies because Africa has all the resources which can keep us rich, and economically strong.

Africa is never given the recognition it deserves even though tons of raw materials from the continent feed and employ the world's population in Europe and America.

The only recognition the African continent gets is the media labeling it as impoverished, disease infected and illiterate continent, yet Africa has doctors, engineers, pilots etc.

If African leaders ignore European and American leaders that will not only help us to try to achieve something significant for our continent but will also blocked the free gates they use to test biological weapons such as Aids and Ebola in the continent.

The Health Care System in Africa is very fragile. The leaders know that the reason most of them seek a miracle treatment overseas when they fall sick. 

Since they know how weak the Health System is they should avoid the planting of man-made diseases in the continent. Malaria, tuberculosis and other deadly diseases such as Aids and Ebola impact have already crippled both Africa's economy and tourism sectors. 

This what African leaders have to take into serious consideration to stop depending fully on European and American governments because they have done us more harm than good.

African leaders saw what the Western Europe and American governments did to Libya. It's not because they suspect that Gadaffi supports terrorism the reason they invaded Libya, destroyed the country and killed Gadaffi but because Libya is a powerful rich country they are scared of.

Every powerful country in Africa is seen as a security threat to Europe and America, therefore, they will find a way to cripple it to avoid competition. Now in Europe and America Africans buy thousands of Euros worth of ticket to Africa because there is no more Afriqiyah Airlines. This is what they want.

This should be a lesson to African leaders and be aware of how clandestinely European and American governments operate. Africans leaders betrayed Gadaffi to be slaughtered but they should never forget that that experience is not far from their doorsteps.

China is very wise to break free from Europe and American governments domination and bullies. Today, they are also considered as a superpower because they have what it takes to hold the neck of America if its necessary.

Who told African leaders that they can't strive towards economic independence? They buy our raw materials and after production they send the goods to African markets. 

While they progress Africa declines. This economic and marketing slavery must come to an end. With our great resources we can manufacture our own products to be economically independent.

African leaders must kick out American soldiers training in African jungles. They are in our jungles to plant secret diseases such as Ebola to cripple our continent to take authority and possession of our rich mineral resources.

If they want a jungle to train there are so many jungles in North and South America, they can go there and also try the Bermuda jungle.

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