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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Otto Warmbier, middle, killed by the North Korean government because of America's silent brutal regime

Otto Warmbier, middle, killed by the North Korean government because of America's silent brutal regime

We read with shock knowing that Otto Warmbier died in Coma after receiving the worst ever treatment in the hands of the North Korea regime. 

Warmbier was arrested at Pyongyang airport in January 2016 and sentenced in March to 15 years hard labour for allegedly taking a propaganda poster from his hotel room, where he had been staying as part of an organised tour.

While many see the North Korean regime as brutal and savage, the same we view the American government. Frankly speaking, the American government is the most oppressive and brutal regime in the name of democracy.

Everyone is attacking North Korea for killing Otto because it happened under their nose. But we are about to tell you today, as said everytime that the American government killed the citizens of Congo, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone with the Ebola virus.

But because it was a hidden crime nobody reacted and the whole world remains silent. The North Korean leader knew about the brutalities of the US government and is one of the world leaders that wouldn't tolerate America's nonsense and crimes.

Moreover, he knew that the American government is responsible for the Ebola in West Africa, the reason he accused the US government of testing Ebola virus on African grounds.

Once again, we send our condolences to Otto's family but instead of blaming the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, blame the US government because the entire administration is under a criminal government.

From time to time, the American government has shown that they don't value the lives of human beings, especially those from the Third World. Kim Jong-Un purposely did that to Otto Warmbier as a challenge to the US government that he also doesn't value the life of an American.

As we have said many times, the American government shouldn't underestimate him because that 'man without a neck' is one of the world's most dangerous men. If the American government want to have a taste of him then they should try.  

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