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Monday, June 12, 2017


Mr. Daniel Sackey, right, and the writer

Mr. Daniel Sackey, right, and the writer

Over three decades in Antwerp, Mr. Daniel Sackey, a Ghanaian living in Belgium, has experienced continuous injustices and thefts from some Belgians who think they are above the law. 

All those who committed fraud and crime against Mr. Sackey went without punishment because they were all Belgians.

A landlord forged his signature and went to the Fortis Bank to take his money. Mr. Sackey would have been in prison if he had committed this crime but the Antwerp police boss failed to arrest the Belgian that committed the fraud.

Nothing seems going well in Belgium, in regard to an African. This is one of the reasons we made this blog. On November 1, 2016, after publishing EIGHT YEARS AFTER HARD WORK AT MERCEDES-BENZ - TAC: HERENTALS, HIS WORK WAS TERMINATED WHILE ON SICK LEAVE, the manager, Bart Auman, threatened us with legal action when the publication took him by surprise.

Recently we published a story entitled: LAWYER PROVIDES HER ACCOUNT FOR CLIENT'S MONEY after Mr. Sackey's lawyer stole his money. Later, he realized that his lawyer has also taken possession of his money he deposited at the office of Korfina before renting a new house. 

Korfina, the company knew that Mr. Sackey deposited the money into the office's account, yet they transferred the money into his lawyer's account when Suzanne Van Rossem demanded the money. After the publication, Company Korfina has issued a letter of legal action against us if we fail to remove it. 

Below is the e-mail.

Mr Daniel SACKEY O/Ref. : J16/11883/IB : 056/21.61.82 Kortrijk, 12/06/17

Dear Sir,

Concerning MUYLE - LEBBE t/ SACKEY 

We received well your e-mail on 12th June. You said that it's unacceptable that the guarantee is paid by diverting to the landlord and you.

Maybe you forget:

1. That in Belgium there are laws, engagements, and obligations. By judgment from 10th March, the liberation of the guarantee has been ordered by diverting. We have acted as mentioned in the judgment which is not a crime?

2. The guarantee has been released confirming the judgment: - one part to the landlord - the other part to your account. Nothing has been paid to Mrs. Suzanne VAN ROSSEM

3. We have noticed that you can't remove the publication from your blog. We can't accept this. You don't respect the rules of privacy legislative. If this will not be removed we will introduce a legal action against you.

Yours sincerely,

 Patrick Boterbergh CEO 

Opinion of the writer of Mr. Sackey's article

No one threatens any of the writers of this blog with legal actions. If any Belgium newspaper publishes a story no one asks the editor to remove the story. 

According to your letter, you didn't give any of Mr. Sackey's money to his lawyer but you gave part of the money to his landlord.

Mr. Sackey won his case. His lawyer told him he has won his case but she didn't give him any evidence confirming that so Mr. Sackey went to the court to demand those document and they were given to him.

So it doesn't make sense if you gave part of Mr. Sackey's money to his former landlord who lost his case. We can't accept your explanation.

Moreover, in one of your emails to Mr. Sackey, you directed him to contact his lawyer, therefore, why have you changed the tone of your email to Mr. Sackey that you haven't given any money to his lawyer? 

Finally, this is to inform you that nothing is removed from this blog after publication. One of the writers' of this blog is a full member and accredited cardholder of one of the Belgium's Journalists Association and like every journalist, I do my work according to the code of ethics governing journalism.

If you don't agree with me forward my mail to your lawyer. I am ready to appear in court anytime and anywhere without a lawyer. I will defend myself and walk out. 

The fact that the police ignore crimes against Africans and the media never publishes the crimes some Belgians commit against Africans most Belgians take it as an opportunity to do what they like against Africans. 

This blog is the mouth-piece for the poor, weak and the vulnerable that often unscrupulous people and organizations like you prey on. Like everyone, Mr. Sackey is a human being whether black, Chinese or white.

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