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Friday, June 30, 2017


How long will Trump allow CDC and the WHO to keep false information about Aids and Ebola on their websites?

How long will Trump allow CDC and the WHO to keep false information about Aids and Ebola on their websites because the American government doesn't want anyone to know that they are responsible for the bio-weapon medical crimes?

Aids: Ignored medical catastrophe

Donald Trump has said that the US government’s patience with the North Korean regime is over, showing his frustration over the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. We also want to remind him that Africa’s patience with the false information about Aids and Ebola on the websites of the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is also over.

Time is money and is so precious that humans have to make good use of it. Unfortunately, the time is being wasted in every sector in America because some Americans who hate Trump are undermining his administration to see him fail as the president of the United States of America. 

The opposition now works hand in hand with some of the mainstream media and continue humiliating and making fun of Trump every day. The media creates news from insignificant matters and comments of Trump, while the opposition finds a way to destabilize the government's efforts.

Since Trump became the president of the United States, opposition and the FBI started investigations if Russia had any influence in Trump's winning. Till now, the media is still engaged to this political nonsense. 

The latest news is that Trump can't control himself on Twitter. This may last a month with the same topic, especially on CNN. Does it even worth to listen to the news or watch the television, if listeners and watchers have lost appetite and trust in the media? 

Why the majority of Americans are busily engaging with something insignificant and not tackling important issues which remain a threat to the American government?

Trump's first attempt to create a healthy America

Donald Trump knows that the American health system is a complete fraud, corrupt, full of lies, hypocrisy, crimes, and cover-ups, thus; TRUMP APPOINTS ROBERT KENNEDY JR. TO LEAD COMMISSION ON VACCINE SAFETY? But Trump has still more to do if he really wants to create a safety health system in America and on an international level.

He is currently engaged in the fighting with the media on issues he calls 'Fake news' but we are surprised that Trump hasn't commented yet on the fake news or false information the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have provided on their websites about Aids and Ebola diseases to deceive and mislead the public.

Trump knew long time that CDC and the WHO have provided false information on both two diseases but because the American government is responsible for the medical crimes, they have failed to address the fake Aids and Ebola information issues, putting the world's health, including America in a dangerous situation.

In fact, the biggest threat the world, including America, faces today, which could destroy and inflate the already high cost of the health system is that false information about health matters permanently on the websites of Center for Diseases Control and World Health Organization. 

Not everyone is interested or cares much about Trump's tweets or what he says. It will benefit the entire world and also America if those against Trump's tweets will find a way to address the devastating effect of Aids around the globe and America. 

That's not enough, they should seek for justice for the victims of Ebola in West Africa and Congo because the American government is responsible for both Aids and Ebola biowarfare products tested in Africa. 

Until the American government finds answers to these questions: 10 MEDICAL QUESTIONS THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION CAN’T ANSWER, the silent death of Aids will wipe out the entire generation, especially, since it's no more an African issue. 

The worst thing the American government, including the Democrats and the Republicans, did is to allow Aids to continue decimating the globe because it's a medical crime the government wants to cover up. As a strategy they prefer to remain silent but for how long? 

They will speak at the right time because there is no peace after taking the lives of innocent people. If America says "In God we trust," then the government shouldn't forget the punishment for those that take the life of innocent people in the Bible. 

All the European countries and the American government that deliberately deformed and killed innocent people around the world, including Africa, with the bioweapons Aids, Ebola and Zika virus, have escaped justice but they will receive their wages according to their roles they played in minutes, hours, days, months and years. 

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