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Saturday, May 6, 2017


Regardless of the race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation, everyone needs justice

Regardless of the race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation, everyone needs justice

When I was in my teens, between thirteen and fifteen in Ghana, the first story I heard about lawyers which frightened me most was that they are buried with face upside down. 

I tried to find out the reason and I was told that because of the nature of their job, they often lied, defend killers, swear the colour is blue even though it's black. Whether it's a joke, a myth or a true story, I didn't take it as something special to make a research.

I was then very green and trusted everyone. Frankly speaking, I didn't believe that story about lawyers after death because people are laid in coffins with face upwards. But when I came to Belgium seventeen years ago, I realized that some lawyers are not sincere in what they do. I can't judge every lawyer as a bad person because in every society there are both good and bad people.

A friend of mine called David lost his 1000 Euros to his lawyer when he was deceived that he could obtain a Belgium passport for him. Ignorant without suspecting his mischievous plans, David gave him the money and had nothing back. Three years later he was granted an asylum as a refugee and had his papers.

Luckily, I didn't become a victim to any con-lawyer in Antwerp but what I experienced is that they don't give you a receipt when you pay them any amount. Mathematically, you need to remember the money you gave to him or her because they simply hate to give their clients receipts confirming the money they had taken from them. 

Mr. Daniel Sackey was in Belgium before me. He is now thirty-five years in the country and his experience with fraudsters, including, landlords and lawyers are uncountable. If this blog doesn't exist there is no newspaper whether print or online media that could read such news because Belgian journalists refrain from publishing stories that could damage their reputation. The reputation is already soiled anyway.

Mr. Daniel Sackey's bitter experience with lawyers and landlords whereby his money was stolen is summarized in this article: THE COLOUR OF JUSTICE IN BELGIUM.

Recently, Mr. Sackey wrote to his former lawyer who diverted her client daughter's money into her account. This is a crime and he didn't take it very likely. She has written many times to his lawyer questioning her about the whereabouts of his money without any response. Thus, he decides to publish one of his emails.

Dear Suzanne,

Since I have no response to where my money is or my guarantee which I paid before renting a house, I decided to bring to your notice once again that this case is not yet over. First of all, claiming that I owe you for the service you rendered.

I deem it fit to mention that you did not even charge me what I should pay before or after the court but after the decision, your secretary relayed the positive outcome you told her to me. I have that in mind before I came with the subject of my daughter which I already received the information from the mayor that my daughter's money will be paid. 

But because of the delay, I brought that to your notice. This doesn't mean that you should let the district house Wommelgem to transfer my daughter's money of 250 Euros, into your bank account and thereafter you send an amount of 35.80 into my account. That request you made from the district which is unlawful act anywhere.

Secondly, you don't have the mandate over mine money or that of my daughter's in any prevailing circumstances even though you haven't charged me any amount to pay yet. This is not the way a lawyer works for his client in any direction. After all, before you commenced working on my case, I paid you a certain amount without issuing any official receipt.

That whoever transfer my daughter's money into your bank accounts without my consent or knowledge will face justice at an appropriate time and if I get the right justice those who transferred my daughter's money into your account would pay me back. 

There is no one above the law and no one should take a money which doesn't belong to her through dubious means by subjecting the owner to cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment and punishment.

The global consciousness of human rights has emerged and is inspiring people all around the world. People are holding their government accountable and using their own human rights to demand justice and dignity for all to defend its values and to take action to make our vision a reality.

This affirms that every human being has rights, regardless of the race, colour, creed, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or age. Everyone has the duty to stand up not only for their own rights but also the rights of others in a global solidarity.  I look forward to retrieving all my money in your possession. 


Daniel Sackey

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