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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Princess Diana was never a happy woman with Prince Charles, the unfaithful husband cheating on her

Princess Diana was never a happy woman with Prince Charles, the unfaithful husband cheating on her

It's really sad that even though Princess Diana is dead and gone many still have her in their hearts than her ex-husband, Prince Charles. On Sunday, August  31, 1997, the world was gripped with bitter emotion and sadness, shortly after Diana, the Princess of Wales, was killed in an automobile accident in France. 

The accident also killed Emad Mohammed al-Fayed, the Harrods heir, and their driver, the police confirmed.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but the princess is loved dearly worldwide because of her generosity. The charity work of Princess Diana, the People's princess, is very well known.  

The Princess of Wales is noted for two major contributions to humanitarianism, although during her lifetime she was President or Patron of over 100 charities.

However, her work with landmines and her work on behalf of AIDS patients were forever noted in telling photographs and consequently, her efforts in these two areas of humanitarianism are most well known.

The committed and devoted mother of two was unlucky in her marriage. While married to prince Charles, her husband was having an affair with another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles. 

Even though Diana has numerous admirers worldwide, she was living in misery, solitude, and loneliness. Imagine the state of mind of Diana seeing her husband sleeping with someone else under her nose. 

How many women can withstand such a pain and humiliation? Above all, what respect Camilla had for her? The bitter news about Diana's relationship with Prince Charles generated much hate for him. 

The world saw him as unfaithful and a cheat, who has driven his wife to her death, due to his selfishness and irresponsibility. The mistake Charles did was to marry Diana then cheat on her and his unfaithfulness took its toll on him after their divorce and Diana's death.

After Diana’s death, many are still bitter with prince Charles over the way he treated this beautiful, quiet and hard working lady. Frankly speaking, prince Charles could be one of the most hated members of the British Royal family today.

On May 18, 2017, The Telegraph published about the Prince of Wales' concern on ‘Plastic in the world’s oceans as a ‘growing ecological and human disaster’ which needs an urgent solution, as he launched a prize to find ways to tackle the crisis.

On May 20, 2017, two days after the publication, I noticed only three comments. This usually happens if one loses favour and love from the general public. 

One of them said, “I make him right for a change," the second comment, "He's got two kids, both unemployed and he's worried about plastic," while the third simply showed his hate for Prince Charles as he reiterates, "Silly old fart.”

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