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Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The law has no colour, yet it has invincible colour in many countries against a certain race

The law has no colour, yet it has invincible colour in many countries against a certain race

Have you ever heard of any European saying that "I am ashamed to be a white man?" On two occasions I met two good Belgians in Antwerp, that said that to me. I listened while he elaborates. People do every bad thing against black people and they think it's normal or they deserve it and they do get away with their crimes.

It baffles many for a particular race to be a target of all kind of cruelties. The black man has broken down every barrier, from slavery to colonial aggression, Apartheid brutalities and surviving man-made diseases, such as Aids and Ebola, in a civilized world under the educated rich, kings and nobles.

Like a house without a solid foundation, the Belgium judiciary system is sour because the law discriminates against Africans. It prosecutes Africans that do wrong but no justice for any African if any Belgian commits a crime against them. 

Worldwide, many countries, for example, Britain, Germany, France and Belgium, are constantly becoming targets of terrorism. In Brussels, every day, the European Union are finding ways to improve security and protect its citizens, yet terrorists strike without a warning.

However, taking some few things into consideration, you can clearly see the frustration and failure of the European Union because they are fighting the wrong cause or source. You can't simple win against terrorists if the judiciary system is discriminatory and you can't overcome terrorism if a country has symbols supporting crime.

The heart in one's body is like an engine which moves a vehicle. Therefore, your thinking, behaviour, attitude and actions, whether good or bad is being powered by your heart desire. So if you are a human being and you don't care about the welfare of other people, no one also cares about you. The reason terrorists don't care about Belgium.

Like many others, I strongly believe that Belgium has done a great error which has tilted the country on the earth's axis and may take them several years to be stable or may probably be in that position for forever. It doesn't make sense if they claim are fighting against terrorism and crime, yet the country has a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans, including women and children. 

What kind of judiciary system does Belgium practices which permits the statue of Leopold II, if there is no statue of Hitler for killing 6 million Jews? The government and the royal family have made it clear "WE SUPPORT CRIME," the reason we keep that statue. Thus, we are also telling Belgium that the country will never be free from terrorism and have no peace as long as that statue continues standing in the country.

The sad story of Mr. Daniel Sackey

On November 1, 2016, we published an article entitled EIGHT YEARS AFTER HARD WORK AT MERCEDES-BENZ - TAC: HERENTALS, HIS WORK WAS TERMINATED WHILE ON SICK LEAVE after a worker, Mr. Daniel Sackey, work was terminated while recovering from an injury he sustained at work. 

Mr. Sackey has enjoyed his work as a mechanic for years. His nightmare begins when a new manager by name Mr. Bart Auman was employed. He simply doesn't like Mr. Sackey. For no apparent reason, he hates Mr. Sackey to the extent that he has been telling some of the workers in the company. But not all Belgians are racist. One of them who likes Mr. Sackey tells him everything going on.  

Looking for every possible way to get rid of Mr. Sackey, the right moments came when he sustained the injury. To Mr. Auman, it was the right time to terminate Mr. Sackey's appointment and he did that while he was on sick leave. This is unlawful termination but in Belgium, Africans can't fight against such injustices and win because the law doesn't rule in favour of a black man.

We published Mr. Sackey's story and the publication took the manager, Mr. Bart Auman, by surprise, because no newspaper in Belgium publishes such stories. The Belgians know very well the reason many don't have a second thought over evil things they do against Africans.

Mr. Bart Auman contacted his lawyer who sent us an e-mail of threat and the possibility to a fine or to serve a jail sentence, if we don't remove the article from our blog immediately. We published the lawyer's letter MERCEDES-BENZ BART AUMAN’S LAWYER DESPERATE MAIL TO REMOVE PUBLICATION FROM OUR BLOG and after that, we didn't hear anything from them again. 

Mr. Daniel Sackey Contacts the police boss

I was once a victim of a fraud. A landlord stole my money. When I went to the police to make a complaint, the police boss asked me "If we knew the Belgian landlord is a fraudster why did we rent his house?" We lost all our guarantee deposits to the landlord with impunity.

This is the reason when it happened to Mr. Sackey, we published on the blog 'The Reading Hall': 
HOW THE FORTIS BANK ASSISTED A BELGIAN TO COMMIT A FRAUD. After Mr. Sackey rented a house both the landlord and him went to deposit a total of three months guarantee at the Fortis bank. 

A single person can't take the money, unless both the landlord and Mr. Sackey, yet the landlord forged Mr. Sackey's signature and went to the bank alone to take the money. Fortis Bank shouldn't have given him the money without Mr. Sackey's presence, yet they did because the landlord is a Belgian.

This case was also reported to the Antwerp's police bosses Vetters Gunther and Van Den Broek Sven 
but they didn't do anything about this crime. However, if it was Mr. Daniel Sackey who forged the landlord's signature and tries to cash the money, the bank would have refused to give him the money without the landlord's presence or may even accuse him of theft. 

Mr. Sackey's lawyer takes his money

It is a fraud if a 
LAWYER PROVIDES HER ACCOUNT FOR CLIENT'S MONEY. But that's exactly what happened to Mr. Sackey when his lawyer, Suzanne Van Rossem provides her account and steals her client's money. When he wrote back to his lawyer to tell her of the crime she has committed, she wrote back, saying he owes him because Mr. Sackey has collected an amount of 1,600 Euros, she assisted him to win his case but didn't pay back his dues. 

Yes, it's true that Mr. Sackey's lawyer worked on that particular case involving that amount which belongs to him but at that time Suzanne claims he has taken the money Mr. Sackey hasn't and till now the money can't be found. Mr. Sackey doesn't know where his money has gone to.

According to the company, Korfina, which has his money, they are waiting for his lawyer's approval to give the money to him, while his lawyer says he has collected the money without paying his dues. Whatever is happening and where ever the money has gone remains a mystery. That is Belgium, you can't take a cent which belongs to the state but the people will find a way to take your money.

Is it likely that his lawyer has diverted the 1,600 Euros into her account, then pretending and accusing Mr. Sackey of taking the money? Once she provided her account for his 250 Euros, history can repeat its self.  

Mr. Sackey has now been declared unfit to work and above all, his injury can't be operated, yet his former boss conspired with the company's Insurance and the doctor not to approve his injury. Thus, it's over three years now he lives in constant pain. 

Belgian lawyers refused to take Mr. Sackey's case

There is no Belgian lawyer interested in his case despite holding all the documents of evidence pertaining his injury. His former company's Insurance did an investigation pertaining his injury without him and presented it to their lawyer.

Mr. Sackey saw that they have falsified and deleted certain figures on the documents. Firstly, his height has been increased and secondly, the weight of the object which caused the injury has also been deleted. When Mr. Sackey told the lawyer representing the company he refused to listen to him.

Mr. Sackey sought the assistance of many lawyers, including Nick Legrand, Abraham  Breesch, Mbog Dominique, Pieters Goetghebeur, Ward Van Loo and David Frejlich, but all of them refused to take his case. 

Why do people always prey on the weak and the vulnerable? Who will be happy if treated like how Mr. Sackey was treated? Clients depend on lawyers and the law for justice but rather he has been defrauded and denied the justice he needs.

What's next? Mr. Sackey is now filing every necessary document pertaining his injury and injustice to the Minister of Justice to see the action they are going to take on this matter because the law has no colour.

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