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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Trump at Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia

Trump at Arab Islamic American Summit in Saudi Arabia

[Those teens and children murdered by terrorists in Manchester haven't committed any crime, politicians are responsible]

Africans like to use proverbs when speaking because they have moral lessons, education, and wisdom. One of such proverbs is "One that cuts off people's head always fear to sleep because he is afraid that someone else will also cut off his head."

There are much online health websites and blogs with different articles. Readers will not expect all health blogs to carry the same articles, the reason articles on the blog 'Secrets of Aids, Ebola, Zika virus, and other man-made diseases' are entirely different.

If darkness and light can't occupy in the same room, then lies, hypocrisy, and the covering up of crimes can never build a healthy nation. The world is bleeding not because of terrorists alone but also those that have committed serious crimes against humanity and have perverted justice.

The western Europe and the American government are responsible for many biological crimes, including Aids and Ebola against humanity. Instead of apologizing, they prefer to remain silent on those deadly issues while the citizens in the most affected countries continue perishing.

No European and American leader is prepared to speak the truth and those that are devoted to the truth have suffered dearly in the realms of the truth they live. Our blog and the writers of this blog are not exempted.

We have suffered a great deal. While unseen forces suppress the information on this blog our profiles are being removed from social media, as one of the measures to avoid the dissemination of information to the general public. HOW MY PROFILE DISAPPEARED FROM BEBEE.COM WEBSITE

Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia

When Donald Trump assumed power, he quickly bans Moslems from entering the United States of America. His reason? Because he considers those from Islamic countries as terrorists. If some Moslems are terrorists doesn't mean that every Moslem is a terrorist.

The American government has done so much evil and destruction to humanity with its global depopulation bio-weapons, Aids and Ebola, to the extent that they are now afraid the same evil will come back knocking on their doors. America, if you fear evil, then harm no one because in this world what one plants is exactly what he harvests.

Last Friday, President  Donald Trump left Washington D.C. for his first overseas trip since taking the oath of office. In Saudi Arabia, Trump said that the United States is not at war with Islam and called for the battle against terrorist groups as a "battle between good and evil" as he urged Muslim-majority countries to redouble their counterterrorism efforts. 

He also lamented on bloodshed and killing. We want to ask Mr. President, what is the difference between terrorism and the secret use of bio-weapons on innocent civilians? Are they not the same path to humanity destruction considering millions that have died of Aids globally and the recent death in West Africa by Ebola?

Or Mr. President, do you think terrorists are fools and don't know that the American government is responsible for Aids and Ebola genocide because the US government has refused to speak the truth? Oh! Poor American leaders. You may have had the best education or qualification but you still lack wisdom on how to solve certain issues.

If terrorists don’t know that Aids and Ebola are America's bio-weapons, Bill Gates wouldn’t have warned the US government about the global threat of bioterrorism. WHY THE US GOVERNMENT IGNORED GATES’ WARNING OF GLOBAL THREAT OF BIO-TERRORISM? And if Ebola isn't a bioweapon, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, wouldn't have accused America of the spread of Ebola in Africa. NORTH KOREA ACCUSES AMERICA OVER EBOLA, USING AFRICA AS A TESTING GROUND

We will always prove the American government wrong to the satisfaction of our readers that we are not exaggerating. Our publications have sufficient evidence to support our articles.

If Ebola isn't a bio-weapon the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo, infamous for setting off sarin gas in a Tokyo subway in 1995, wouldn't have targeted Ebola as a potential biological weapon. ATTEMPT TO USE EBOLA BIOWEAPON BY THE JAPANESE CULT

If the media has failed to tell you this, like in the past, we will tell you today. The western Europe and the American government are responsible for the terrorism which has encircled us. Tony Blair and George Bush invaded Iraq, destroyed and killed the citizens without seeing any weapons of mass destruction. Today, both are free.

Again the American government invaded Libya, destroyed everything in the country and killed Muammar Gaddafi. No world leader intervened. European and American leaders follow their evil heart desires and create hatred for innocent people. 

They have no regard for human life the reason you can see the statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans, including women and children in Belgium.

We can't go out without fear, we can't enjoy public transport without fear and we can't even enjoy in the restaurants with our children and partners because of fear.

Imagine the senseless killing of innocent children in Manchester, United Kingdom, who have gone out to entertain themselves at a concert venue. It's unfortunate that innocent people harvest the evil deeds politicians plant. 

If politicians are the victims of terrorist acts they will do something better against terrorism than what they are doing at the moment. 

Since they are not ready to speak the truth, change their wicked ways and bad policies, we shall always continue to live in fear because nobody knows when the next terrorist attack is coming. It's a shame and a sad situation.

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