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Sunday, May 7, 2017


If the truth about the origin of Aids was revealed earlier it wouldn't have spread so fast but they lied to fulfill the global depopulation ambitions.

If the truth about the origin of Aids was revealed earlier it wouldn't have spread so fast but they lied to fulfill the global depopulation ambitions. 

How some organizations are making money with Aids Conference

In the month of July 2018, from 22nd to the 28th, Amsterdam will host the 22nd International AIDS Conference in RA1. The biennial conference is organized by the International AIDS Society, the world's leading independent association of HIV professionals.

Further information reveals that the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center is expected to welcome around 18,000 participants from around the world from more than 180 countries, including researchers from various disciplines, medical professionals, public health and community practitioners and policy planners.

Like always we knew that this forthcoming conference will not be different from the past conferences because they have lied to the world and have refused to speak the truth about the true origin of the disease just to avoid payback or justice. Since they don't want to speak the truth the few who have spoken the truth about the origin of the disease have suffered dearly for the truth they stood for. 

Two of them are a German doctor, Wolff Geisler, and Holland scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen. The two teamed up with Ghanaian-Belgian journalist and writer, Joel Savage, to launch the blog 'Secrets of Aids, Ebola, Zika Virus And Other Man-Made Diseases: THE ESCAPE OF JUSTICE AFTER AIDS AND EBOLA CRIME IN AFRICA

The instant success of this new blog was considered a threat to national security and they started sabotaging both our efforts and the blog to avoid the spread of the articles we post daily on our blog. Eventually, the Dutch government and the Holland branch of Facebook completely removed the micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen's page from Facebook to avoid communicating with his thousands of followers, mainly from Africa.

We knew nothing special or new would be discussed during this conference because any Aids conference without telling the world or participants that the disease was a bio-weapon or medical crime engineered by the American government is utter nonsense. 

If you are intelligent enough, ask yourself: "This Aids conference will be 22nd, what have we achieved so far if the disease is still killing thousands of people globally each day?"

They keep holding such meaningless Aids conferences for their own selfish gains and to continue deceiving the public that the disease suddenly appeared in Africa because of poverty. If because of poverty Aids appeared in Africa then why the disease didn't depopulate the entire continent in the early stages when there wasn't any treatment for malaria?
Below is another meaningless program set to be discussed

1. Convene the world’s experts to advance knowledge about HIV, present new research findings, and promote and enhance global scientific and community collaborations in synergy with other health and development sectors.

2. Promote human rights-based and evidence-informed HIV responses that are tailored to the needs of particularly vulnerable communities, including people living with HIV, displaced populations, men who have sex with men, people in closed settings, people who use drugs, sex workers, transgender people, women and girls and young people.

3. Activate and galvanize political commitment and accountability among governments, donors, the private sector and civil society for an inclusive, sustainable and adequately financed, multi-sectoral, integrated response to HIV and associated co-infections and comorbidities.

4. Address gaps in and highlight the critical role of HIV prevention, in particular among young people in all their diversity and its integration in a range of healthcare settings.

5. Spotlight the state of the epidemic and the HIV response in Eastern Europe and Central Asia with a focus on investments, structural determinants, and services.

The opinion of the writers' of this blog

Twenty-one of the same conference has taken place in the past, therefore, what’s so special about this 22nd conference for the attendants to gain something valuable from it? 

This is how unscrupulous organizations make money out of other people's misery. Aids victims need healing, justice, and the truth, not stupid conferences. The same conference has been repeated in the past twenty-one years. What did they achieve?

We will not waste our precious time to attend such an Aids press conference even if we are provided with a free accommodation and a meal. 

"Smartness is a form of stupidity"- Micro-surgeon Johan Van Dongen.

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