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Monday, April 10, 2017


Assad and Putin: Like Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin is aware of the American government's bio-weapons Aids and Ebola in Africa. The reason he doesn't want to tolerate America's nonsense over Syria

Assad and Putin: Like Kim Jong-Un, Vladimir Putin is aware of the American government's bio-weapons Aids and Ebola in Africa. The reason he doesn't want to tolerate America's nonsense over Syria

The American government is not a superpower, but a liar, and a bully

[Putin is ready to teach America a big lesson if Trump picks on Assad and conceals its Ebola crime in West Africa]

Last Thursday night, President Donald Trump authorized the military action of several dozen cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea, against the Syrian government, for allegedly using chemical weapons to attack his own citizens.

While American government tries to impress the world that they care about the welfare of the Syrian population, others also acknowledge the hypocrisy of Trump's administration because they can't make noise over Assad's chemical weapon on Syria while they are quiet over the biological weapon Ebola triggered in West Africa.

America can cover up those medical crimes to fool the world but not leaders like Putin, Assad, and Kim Jong-Un. Bill O'Reilly of Fox news made a big mistake calling the Russian leader a killer, during his interview with Donald Trump. 

The question probably everyone is asking, including Assad, Putin, and Kim Jong-Un, is why America remains silent after triggering Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia but tough on Assad?

This is the reason the American government is making a mockery of itself over Assad's crime because America has done the worst in Africa but nobody, not even the International Criminal Court in The Hague, did ask the American government about the medical genocide of HIV/Aids and Ebola in Africa.

Trump, hypocrites don't win a war, so you are wasting your time. You can't hold someone responsible for committing a crime while you enjoy impunity for a similar crime. This places America in the center of mockery than a real government trying to impress the world that they care about humanity. Stinking hypocrites.

In fact, many countries are fed up with the bullying of the American government. The reason for years, countries like China, North Korea, Iran etc, clandestinely work their way through, rubbing shoulders with the American government by developing dangerous weapons. 

The American government continues bullying Third World Countries, as previously did in Libya and Iraq and want the world to give them respect as the most powerful nation on earth? The US has already damaged its credibility because they have killed thousands of people in West Africa but wouldn't like to talk about it. Until justice is given to Africa, America and Europe will never know peace.

The attack on Syria and the American government's request for Russia to pull out from Syria is something that Putin will ignore because he is not a man that can be intimidated. Putin is not an African leader the America government tells them what to do and Russia is not like Libya and Iraq America can commit their crimes and escape punishment. 

The American government can test the Aids and Ebola bio-weapons for global depopulation in Africa and Zika virus in Latin America. If they are really superpower as they want the world to believe then they should test those bio-weapons in China, North Korea, and Russia, then see what happens next. 

Our aim is to publish the truth and bring to the understanding of readers and the world the reason Putin is ignoring Trump's warning to pull out from Syria because America is responsible for Aids and Ebola in Africa but they covered up those crimes and escaped punishment. 

The truth will come out sooner or later taking into consideration how disturbing global events are unfolding rapidly. We can't wait to see justice for Africa because the time to speak the truth has expired. Europe and America have committed too many crimes in Africa without punishment from the colonial era to medical genocides.

The Western-Europe and the American government are restless because the blood of the innocent victims of Aids and Ebola they have shed is haunting and giving them nightmares. 

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.” - Albert Einstein

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