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Sunday, April 9, 2017


Bill O'Reilly: Never trust a journalist that calls someone else a killer when his country is responsible for Ebola in West Africa

Bill O'Reilly: Never trust a journalist that calls someone else a killer when his country is responsible for Ebola in West Africa

Why is Donald Trump making a joke of himself all the time? He shouldn’t have used his position as the president of the United States of America to interfere in a case of sexual harassment against Fox News’ journalist  Bill O’Reilly. 

The world of  “The O’Reilly Factor” came crashing down as major companies pulled advertising contracts following revelations that Fox News and host Bill O’Reilly paid five women to settle sexual harassment claims.

According to O’Reilly, 67, the allegations are not true and that he was targeted because of his fame.  Many have called for Fox to get him kicked. The National Organization for Women on Tuesday called for an independent investigation into the "culture of sexual harassment" at Fox News.

It will be recalled that during the political campaign of Donald Trump, he suffered a similar fate. At least a dozen women accused the president-elect of sexual assault but he strongly denied all the claims. Everyone that hates Trump thought his presidential ambitions have come to an end but surprisingly he sailed through to be the 45th president of the United States.

The fact that Trump escaped those accusations doesn't make him a judge to defend O'Reilly because those women are not crazy to accuse Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment because of his fame. 

Many television hosts do that. In the year 2015, Bill Cosby appeared in court on charges of sexual misconduct, while in a London court television entertainer, Rolf Harris, sits in court answering charges over series of indecent assaults.

Most of the television personalities indulge in such evil acts but they escape justice because some of the victims are too scared to come out publicly to speak. They suffer in silence because they think many will not believe their stories.

Neither we have a second sight nor are clairvoyants but we knew that Bill O'Reilly is a bad journalist and a hypocrite after calling the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin a killer, during an interview with Donald Trump.

The fact that the American government was responsible for the death of thousands of people across West Africa, after triggering the bio-weapon Ebola in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia but the government and the mainstream media kept a sealed lip over the heinous crime shows the type of crazy world we are living in.

Yet, Bill O'Reilly was so brave to call someone else a killer. In our publication entitled FOX NEWS' BILL O'REILLY IS A HYPOCRITE, we told O'Reilly that: "In this dangerous world of hypocrisy people 'worship' others they see on television regularly, the reason you are famous but your career or profession as a journalist is like someone trying to fetch water at the stream with a basket. 

You'll end up with nothing. If you want real respect as a journalist be honest and stop fooling the world. Like a prophecy, Bill O'Reilly is now facing the most serious sexual allegations which may jeopardize his career as a journalist even if he recovers.

An investigation by the newspaper revealed that five women had been given sums of money totaling $13 million by either Fox News or O’Reilly in exchange for not pursuing litigation over allegations including sexual harassment as well as being silent on the matter.

The accusers were all women who either worked directly for O’Reilly or who appeared on “The O’Reilly Factor,” according to the Times. Complaints included verbal abuse, unwanted advances and lewd comments, the paper said, citing documents and interviews.

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