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Saturday, April 22, 2017


Africa, a continent without hope? Africans living under the administration of leaders such as Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Museveni of Uganda is a nightmare

Africa, a continent without hope? Africans living under the administration of leaders such as Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Museveni of Uganda is a nightmare

Everyone is talking about corruption in Africa because it's a chronic incurable disease which has affected the growth of Africa, economically and industrially. 

There is nothing more interesting or making headlines in Africa's newspapers than corruption. The federal government of Nigeria said recently that they have recovered $151 million looted from state coffers.

In South Africa, there are so many corruption allegations against Jacob Zuma, which have resulted in demanding his resignation. Every part of Africa is burning with corruption without ceasing.

After queuing long hours in the scorching sun, Africans cast their votes to elect their respective leaders they trust to take care of the country, to create employment and improve medical facilities but they are totally disappointed when the leaders come to power.

What Africans want to know

Why African leaders and their family members become rich overnight as soon as they are elected to run state affairs?

Why the family of elected African leaders, including brothers, sisters, and children suddenly become contractors without qualification? 

Why elected ministers start driving expensive cars few months in office when they couldn't afford a bicycle before becoming ministers?

Why many African President-elect, enroll their children and relatives at expensive foreign schools in Europe or America when there are good schools in Africa? Are they not degrading and making fun of Africa's educational system?

Why many African leaders seek for miracle treatment abroad when sick? Do they know what that means to the qualified African doctors?

Why every state minister-elect wants a loan from the government, instead of taking personal loans from the bank and pay interest? Do they know how this 'white-collar stealing' affects the economy of the country?

Why African leaders wouldn't develop rural areas and provide the people with a good source of drinking water, health, and educational facilities which are basic human rights?

Why many years after independence swept through Africa, African leaders still kowtow in public to European and American leaders and deprive the welfare of Africans?

Why the so-called ministers start building mansions and owing properties when they could not afford to rent an apartment before they joined politics? 

Why some government officials in Africa evade tax and occupy the government institutions without paying a cent at the expense of taxpayers' money?

Finally, why did African leaders watched in silence the imprison of Charles Taylor of Liberia and Hisene Habré of Chad, for crime against humanity by the International Criminal Court and allowed Europe and America to enjoy impunity after the deliberate used of Aids and Ebola bio-weapons on Africans?

Do you know what that means? Africa has suffered deliberate medical genocides with impunity which is a free license to European and American leaders to continue using Africans as Guinea pigs in the testing of drugs and bio-weapons they manufacture.

There is time for everything. A time to be happy and a time to mourn. Europe and America say the military rule is not good for Africa. It's not good because they are scared to commit their crimes if the military is in power in Africa. But what they are scared of is exactly what will happen. 

There will be a time, the entire Africa will be taken over by the military governments and the leaders will let Europe and American leaders pay for their crimes against Africa because in the name of democracy Africans have suffered too much at the hands of both African and foreign leaders.

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