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Monday, April 24, 2017


Hundreds of lawyers in Belgium discriminate against Africans. Many of them take your money yet they will not help you

Hundreds of lawyers in Belgium discriminate against Africans. Many of them take your money yet they will not help you

There are many things going wrong in Belgium, between foreigners, especially Africans, and some of the lawyers that represent them. 

The fact that the Belgium media is not interested in publishing certain articles in regard to forgery and theft by some Belgian nationals against Africans, certain people, including lawyers, continue to break the law and steal from foreigners with impunity or tell the one that they can't help him. 

Belgium is known to be a country that world leaders converge in Brussels to make laws, policies, boosting growth and employment but gradually the country has carved its name to be one of the most corrupt nations in Europe. Recently, some Belgian police officers involved in a crime were arrested.

There are so many Africans who have been robbed and cheated by some Belgian landlords and lawyers but are so scared to do something about it. I remember some years back an African tenant whose money was stolen by his landlord, refused to join me to the police station; when I also became a victim, on grounds that it may affect his request for papers to live in Belgium.

The lack of reading and illiteracy among certain Africans are an opportunity for fraudulent lawyers and tenants to milk Africans because they don't read to understand before signing documents. However, when they meet the clever ones they will still use their positions as Belgians to win their case even if they are wrong because of the kind of judiciary system which doesn't favour an African.

There so many cases on our tables pertaining such cases to be published but we continue to publish articles of injustices against Mr. Daniel Sackey, who has been living in Belgium for the past thirty-five years. Last year November, we published his first article about his wrongful dismissal while recovering from an injury he sustained at work. Reference: MERCEDES-BENZ BART AUMAN’S LAWYER DESPERATE MAIL TO REMOVE PUBLICATION FROM OUR BLOG

Mr. Sackey was unlawfully sacked while on sick leave because of the colour of his skin. Things that never happen to Belgians happen to Africans. Just a couple of weeks ago he went to a final medical checkup and he was declared invalid to work for the rest of his life because of the extent of his injury. He was further told his injury can't be operated. Thus, Mr. Sackey who was once a strong man is now in constant pain after walking some few minutes.

Mr. Sackey had an appointment with various lawyers seeking for justice over the way his former employers treated him but each lawyer he contacted told him that they can't help him. After eight years of service, Mr. Sackey received no benefit for his unlawful dismissal and no compensation for his injury because no lawyer wants to do it because he is an African.

In July 2016, it happens that he has to move from one district to another. After he moved to the new apartment, due to his injury, Mr. Sackey decides to transfer her daughter to a new school.

Again, he felt that enrolling her daughter in a new school is necessary because her daughter wasn't happy at the school. Prior to removing her daughter from the school, he informed the principal so they were aware of that. 

Mr. Sackey has previously paid to the school authority 250 Euros as part payment towards the 'Winter Snow Classes but since her daughter is now out of the school and is no longer participating, he requested for a refund but the refund became a problem.

He sent emails to Hilde Noel, the head of that school several times demanding his money but in return, she directed Mr. Sackey to the District house in Wommelgem which he did. He made an appointment with one Mark Dierchx, at the District House to sort out the payment.

Mark Dierchx received Mr. Sackey, then afterward contacted the head of the educational institution where she took out his daughter. No one knew what transpired. However,  Mark Dierchx assured him that after general meeting with the school authorities he will contact him.

Three weeks later, Mr. Sackey didn't hear anything from Marc Dierchx, as promised. That forced him to contact a lawyer by name Suzanne Van Rossem. Suzanne worked on Mr. Sackey's case. The case went on the table of mayor Frank Gys.

Mayor Frank Gys informed Mr. Sackey that they have decided to pay the amount to him. But to Mr. Sackey's surprise, they made a payment of only Euros 38.80 cents into his account.

He, therefore, called the Mayor again and informed him about the amount of money he received. The mayor promised to call him back but he never did. Mr. Sackey after sometime called again but this time it was a woman who responded.

The woman told Mr. Sackey that he received only 38.80 out of the Euros 250 because they have paid his lawyer (Suzanne Van Rossem) Mr. Sackey said this isn't right because how can they pay a lawyer he solicited for his assistance? He pointed out clearly to her that it's a fraud because he has to pay his own lawyer.

This doesn't make sense because if one goes for a lawyer he (Mr. Sackey has to pay the lawyer.) It's therefore, completely wrong if they claim that they have paid his lawyer. All such things are going on in Belgium, but no newspaper will publish anything about such corruption and injustice.

This is not the first time Mr. Sackey's money has been stolen. In another development, Mr. Sackey's landlord forges his signature on certain documents and went to the bank to take the money he and the landlord deposited at the bank before he rented the house. Reference: HOW THE FORTIS BANK ASSISTED A BELGIAN TO COMMIT A FRAUD

It's very sad that such things are taking place in Belgium. A country that claims that they are fighting against terrorism and crime, yet they support crime by keeping the statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans including women and children. This evil act has caused the downfall of Belgium, to be one of the most hated countries in the world but surprisingly nothing has changed in the country.

If Belgium creates and enforces the law, yet the law doesn't favour Africans, then what type of judiciary system do they have in the country? Would any Belgian be happy if treated the way they treated Mr. Sackey? Why, is it a sin to be black? Does Belgium have the Minister of Justice?

If they think because the country is for them, thus, they will do whatever pleases them, then they should abolish the law because a law shouldn't discriminate.



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