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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Things are falling apart, including the judiciary system, in Belgium

Things are falling apart, including the judiciary system, in Belgium 

Lawyers and advocates involve in fraud and corruption daily in Belgium but the  government pretends everything is normal because it is mostly against Africans.

World leaders meet daily in Brussels, giving the country recognized as the center of the European Union. Unfortunately, the country has no time to solve its deep internal problems, as a divided country, with poor integration, gross abuse of human rights, racism, and corruption. 

Since they are accustomed to it and wouldn't like to change anything they pretend everything is okay. But nothing is going on well in Belgium. On April 24, 2017, we published an article about how many lawyers in Belgium discriminate against Africans and some take money yet they don't help them.

Mr. Daniel Sackey was expecting an amount of 250 Euros to be deposited into his account because her daughter no longer participated in a certain event. Instead, he had only 38Euros 50cents. When he called the district house to find out the reason, he was told that they paid the money into his lawyer's account.

Mr. Sackey pointed out to them it's a fraud and a crime because the money is for him so they have no right to deposit it into someone's else account. The next day, he went to the district house to talk to them about the issue.

At the office, the accountant told Mr. Sackey that before the money is to be paid into his account his lawyer (Suzanne Van Rossem) called and requested it to be deposited into her account.

That is the mistake many Belgians do when dealing with Africans. The accounting clerk accepted the lawyers' request because Mr. Sackey is a black man or an African of less importance and the lawyer is a Belgian. But crime is always a crime even if it is a mistake.

Satisfied with the information given by the accountant Mr. Sackey left and sent an e-mail to his lawyer to tell her of the crime she has committed because as a lawyer she supposes to know better than him.

Response from Mr. Sackey's lawyer (Suzanne Van Rossem)

Mister Sackey,

I am your lawyer and I had the mandate to get the money that was returned and normally if you had paid my bills for everything I did for you, including the money that you got back through the procedure for justice of peace, then I would have transferred your money (250 Euros) into your account but apparently you did not pay my bill, so I kept the amount you are still owing to me which is normal.


Mr. Sackey replies

Dear Suzanne,

I quote "If you had paid my bills for everything I did for you, including the money that you got back through the procedure for Justice of Peace, then I would have transferred  your money (250 Euros) into your account."

I need to tell you that since you told me that I have won my case, I haven't received any amount of 1,600Euros yet from the company, so how can I pay you? Before requesting the 250Euros to be deposited into your account, if you are my lawyer as you previously said and I'm your client, you need to call first and ask me but you didn't. 

Below is the evidence that Mr. Sackey hasn't received any money.

A letter from the company (Korfina) which has Mr. Sackey's money

Dear Sir,

We have received well your e-mail of 10th April.

At this moment we haven’t received any letter or e-mail from your lawyer with the request to release the guarantee by judgment.

As soon as we receive this from your lawyer we will do the necessary.

Yours sincerely,

Isabel Braem

Korfina Services


The above letter confirms that Mr. Sackey hasn't received any money from the company Korfina, yet the Suzanne claims Mr. Sackey has received the money and hasn't paid his bills, the reason she requested for his money into her account. What is going on here? And who is lying?

It is very likely that Mr. Sackey's lawyer has already provided her account to the company Korfina and has claimed a number of 1,600Euros, which belongs to Mr. Sackey but the company Korfina wouldn't like to tell him the truth. 

Because it doesn't make sense if Suzanne accuses Mr. Sackey of failing to pay his bills after receiving the money while the company says that they are waiting for her request to pay the money to Mr. Sackey.

Whoever is lying and where ever Mr. Sackey's money has gone we shall investigate and publish it very soon. However, I know that readers will agree if we say that there is something terribly wrong in Belgium. The center can no longer hold the prevailing corruption, therefore, things are falling apart.

You'll never read an article of this nature in the Belgium newspapers. This is the reason crimes against Africans in the country is done with impunity, but we know it's our duty to fight it. This is one of the reasons we made this blog.

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