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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The North Korea military women demonstrate loyalty and submissiveness out of fear to avoid torture and death

The North Korea military women demonstrate loyalty and submissiveness out of fear to avoid torture and death

How many Koreans you can imagine are unhappy under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un but struggle with depressive thoughts and a false smile on daily basis in North Korea?

Take a wider view of the history of North Korea. It's clear that North Koreans have been under tyrant rulers that use their power unfairly and cruelly on the people. 

Thus, Kim Jong-Un has inherited the iron fist of leadership from his father and grandfather, building himself as one of the cruelest leaders in the world, feared by his own people. Under Kim Jong-Un's administration, you can't say no when he says yes. Since opposition means death the entire population of North Korea loves Kim Jong-Un.

To be successful as a leader many believe it's necessary to be cruel. In the past was Idi Amin of Uganda, Mao Zedong of China, Leopold II of Belgium, Joseph Stalin of Russia, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Hitler of Germany etc.

Apart from North Koreans, the world faces the threat of imminent Third World War. In 2006, North Korea announced its intentions to begin nuclear testing. He has since conducted five explosions, four at an underground test site in Punggye-ri, and the latest which it claims was a ballistic missile.

Kim Jong-Un's behavior can be best described by a psychologist. He seems restless, unstable, erratic and emotional. Sometimes he looks very serious like someone something is bothering him. But always remains a stubborn man who breaks every rule and in defiance does whatever that pleases him whether dangerous or not without a second thought.

How do you expect the citizens of North Korea to be when they see their leader? This is a man who has slain his own family including his half-brother, Kim Jong Nam to secure his throne.

On parade, everyone claps for Kim Jong-Un. He likes to be worshiped and flanked by women. But watch carefully, one could clearly see that the cheering and smile aren't genuine. North Koreans are under enormous fear and psychological torture. 

Feared for their lives North Koreans put on a fake smile and continuously praise their leader like a hero. In every good country, there is a freedom of speech and opposition. Criticism helps in some ways to shape up a government but in North Korea, criticism is a death penalty.

Without guns, the North Korean army cheers their leader Kim Jong-Un because he doesn't trust any of them

Without guns, the North Korean army cheers their leader Kim Jong-Un because he doesn't trust any of them 

Under a government of dictatorship, Kim Jong-Un has created a sort of terror government in Noth Korea, forcing his people to like him compulsory else you'll not live to see tomorrow. 

Kim Jong-Un is never a happy man. Frankly speaking, Kim Jong-Un always looks miserable like a church mouse. Under false pretense, he tries to create a certain friendly atmosphere that he is one of the happiest men in the world loved by his people. That's not true.

Last Saturday, the North Korean leader advertised his weapons of war through the streets of Pyongyang, with the soldiers demonstrating their prowess but it may likely be that the rifles the soldiers are holding are completely empty because tyrants don't trust anybody.

In whatever way world leaders see Kim Jong-Un, he should never be underestimated. The man is destined to make history than Adolf Hitler, that makes him unpredictable and dangerous. 


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