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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Assad al-Bashar and Donald Trump: Tell the world the truth about Aids and Ebola and I will also speak the truth if I used any chemical on Syria

Assad al-Bashar and Donald Trump: Tell the world the truth about Aids and Ebola and I will also speak the truth if I used any chemical on Syria

The Syrian chemical weapons attack last Tuesday blamed on the Assad regime was “100 percent” a “fabrication,” Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad said in an interview on Wednesday with AFP.

Trump, do you expect Assad to tell the world the truth that he used chemical weapon on the Syrian population if the American government also used Aids and Ebola bio-weapons in Africa and lied? Donald Trump is only generating more hate for Americans but not doing anything special.

There is a reason they say that “Politics is a dirty game.” In fact, it’s not only a dirty game but is also full of hypocrisy and lies. That is what is coming from the American government at the moment under the administration of Trump and the previous leaders.

Trump said Putin says good things about him, the same Trump is hitting against Putin. Trump again said that China is a currency manipulator, afterward, China is not a currency manipulator. That is America's new and 45th president.

Americans are so much fed up with previous governments that when Trump did something different some people think he is a Messiah. Trump wants to build a wall between Mexico and his country. Can he envision that one day that country could be a safe haven for Americans when in danger? Or Africa, that neglected and deliberate man-made infected continent, does he envision that one day it will also be a place of refuge for both Europeans and Americans?

I don’t understand the reason the mainstream media, including the CNN, shifted people’s attention from the medical crime the American government committed in Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Sierra Leone. Because the disease didn’t appear in those countries miraculously from heaven. It was deliberately tested there.

After filling the stomach the bird flies up the tree and begins to boast without a slight knowledge that the hunter’s gun is aiming at him. That is Donald Trump.

He boasts of the military strength of his country and what his missiles and armor tank can do. Pretending that he cared about humanity, he struck Syria and now ready for North Korea.

Donald Trump is treading on a dangerous ground because North Korea or Russia is different from Syria. He can’t just bomb North Korea or Russia without retaliation or confrontation. They will hit back.

The American government must put its pride aside and refrain from underestimating this man because he is one of the world’s dangerous men. Yes, that short man without a neck is an extremely dangerous man.

He has prepared a long time ago because he can’t stand the American government’s bully and ready to flex its muscles at any given opportunity.

Before the Malaysian government investigated the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam, we were the first health website in the world to publish that he was killed by VX poisonous gas. KIM JONG NAM'S DEATH DEMONSTRATES HOW BIO-WEAPON KILLS.

We are not predicting but saying clearly that if America provokes, threatens or fired on Kim Jong-Un, he will use the same poisonous nerve gas he used to kill his half-brother on the American population to render the American government impotent.

Those who have ears let them hear and those who are intelligent shouldn’t ignore this article. Revealing the origins of Aids and Ebola as medical crimes have affected politicians and governments to the extent that our website is now considered a threat to national security.

Our philosophy is, since darkness and light can't live in the same room, the American government will fail in every war attempt for covering up Ebola crime and pretending they care about humanity. 

America will never win a war against North Korea, Japan, China, and Russia. Unfortunately, the innocent people (Americans) will suffer or reap the evil seeds previous leaders and Trump have planted.

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