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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


We are not responsible for Aids and Ebola, therefore leave us alone

We are not responsible for Aids and Ebola, therefore leave us alone

Every social media has rules to follow and if those rules are violated your account can be blocked. But ever since we launched 'Secrets Of Aids and Ebola' blog our social accounts have suffered a continuous violation from the administrators because they consider our blog a threat to national security.

On two occasions my Twitter page was blocked when I haven't committed any offense. They find it very hard to tell you the truth behind the disabling of your account and the simple way out they choose is "You have violated our rules."

This is the reason we published last year "I haven't violated any of your rules Twitter." Reference: Months after several harassments from social media administrators, my co-writer, Microsurgeon Johan Van Dongen's Facebook page has been disabled, blocked and completely removed from Facebook.

Microsurgeon Johan Van Dongen neither has committed any crime nor violated any Facebook rule but the fact that hundreds of followers from all over the world, especially Africa, reading our publications about the medical genocide of Aids and Ebola, the administrators of the Netherlands branch of Facebook finds it uncomfortable.

Everyone has the right to decide his own destiny and share his opinion. There are hundreds of violent, discriminatory and racist Facebook profiles generating hatred that continue to exist on Facebook, yet no one blocks them or completely take them away from the web.

Therefore, we find it ridiculous and inappropriate for the Netherlands(Holland) branch of Facebook to take away the Microsurgeon's Facebook page without violating any rule. 

It's clear, we understand that Holland is among the countries responsible for the deliberate spread of Aids in South Africa, during and after Apartheid era but Johan Van Dongen, even though comes from Holland didn't take part in that medical crime.

Why is the Dutch government or the Netherlands branch of Facebook so desperate and wouldn't like to see the ex-university lecturer's Facebook page? Are they being haunted for the medical genocide they played a role? Are they having nightmares? God only knows. Evil people are always on the run yet no one is after them.

Whatever plan the put in gear, we shall not be intimidated or discouraged. Frankly speaking, their desperate actions speak louder than words, so we'll rather put in more efforts to find various ways to publish our articles since they have made it clear that our articles are killing them softly.

It's a disgrace to the entire administrators of the Netherlands branch of Facebook.

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