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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Lifeless bodies of innocent children in the recent chemical attack on Syria

Lifeless bodies of innocent children in the recent chemical attack on Syria

U.N. to publish names of Syria war crimes suspects but how innocent is the U.N?

 "The United States, Britain, Belgium, France and the UN, have all committed biological weapon crimes in Africa, and escaped justice, therefore, who is qualified to arrest Assad? Not even the corrupt International Criminal Court." 

The world is becoming more dangerous as chemical or biological weapons are being used on innocent people, including children, during conflict and war, without any regard to human lives. All because certain European countries and the United States government have committed similar bio-weapon crimes but enjoy impunity.

Therefore, we are not impressed with McCain's concern claiming the American government will not sit to watch innocent people killed with a chemical weapon when the same American government is responsible for the biological weapon, Ebola, in West Africa. 

According to the White House, the Syrian military has access to "thousands of munitions" that can be used to deliver chemical warfare agents, including a variety of long- and short-range ballistic missiles, aerial bombs, and artillery rockets.

Since the beginning of the uprising, ammunitions carrying lesser volumes are believed to have been developed for more focused and local tactical use.

Regarding the chain of command, the French intelligence assessment said the section of the Syrian military responsible for filling munitions with chemical agents and for security at storage sites - "Branch 450" of the CERS - was staffed only by members of the president's minority Alawite sect and was "distinguished by a high level of loyalty to the regime".

"Bashar al-Assad and certain influential members of his clan are the only ones permitted to give the order for the use of chemical weapons. The order is then transmitted to those responsible at the competent branches of the CERS," it added.

 "At the same time, the army chiefs of staff receive the order and decide on targets, the weapons, and the toxic agents."

In a statement Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called the attack "reprehensible" and "intolerable," but declined to specify how the U.S. would respond. He also pushed some of the responsibility onto Obama, who left office 75 days ago, for his administration's unfulfilled 2012 "red line" warning to the Assad regime on the use of chemical weapons.

Following the chemical attack on Syria, many are calling Bashar al-Assad to be arrested to the International Criminal Court. Bashar has already denied it shifting the blame on rebels but whether Bashir or the rebels is responsible, who is qualified to investigate or arrest him if no one was arrested in America over Ebola in West Africa?

Those days that the  American government is highly accorded with respect are over. Because the American government has covered up crimes committed in Africa and the International Criminal Court has failed to bring any American leader to The Hague. No one wants to speak about those horrible medical crimes, and the American government and the mainstream media wouldn't demand justice for the poor victims in Africa.

In fact, the International Criminal Court is not even qualified to arrest Bashar if he is responsible because the court is the most corrupt judiciary system in the world. Before even thinking of arresting anyone in Syria, they should first arrest Obama because Ebola was triggered by the America government under his administration.

Britain urges United Nations on Syria chemical attack?

The United States, Britain, and France on Tuesday proposed a United Nations Security Council resolution to condemn a suspected deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria, which diplomats said would likely be put to a vote on Wednesday;

The question is among all the countries mentioned and the United Nations  Security Council, who is qualified to propose a resolution to condemn a suspected deadly chemical weapons attack in Syria? The United States, Britain, France and the United Nations are responsible for biological weapons such as Aids and Ebola in Africa.

We are against any type of crime, whether biological or chemical but we didn't see such public outcry calling for punishment, and justice when Ebola was triggered in West Africa by the American government. 

Due to bad policies and hypocrisy, there are problems brewing in every corner of the world without an immediate solution.  Africa wants justice. 

We will advise John McCain to prosecute those responsible for Ebola in his country before even talking about the current events in Syria.

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