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Sunday, March 19, 2017


Is Trump pointing to the direction of Africa? Well, time will tell if I will be there

Is Trump pointing to the direction of Africa? Well, time will tell if I will be there

Ghanaians dissatisfied with the new government?

African politics is never taken seriously by the West and America because of chronic corruption and incompetence. With such an enormous mineral resources, the world expects Africa to be a great continent politically and economically but the leaders have failed the continent.

From colonial era till the time independence swept through Africa, the leaders still depend on Europe and America, a situation which many often asked if Africa worth to fight for independence. The African leaders beg for food and loan from overseas and astonishingly, the money which is given to countries often passed wrong places unnoticed.

When will Trump Visit Africa?

Since Trump assumed office, he has talked on many issues but limited his talks or future plans on Africa. Africa came to the news when he banned Somalia, Sudan, and Libya to enter America. According to Trump, those countries are dangerous. 

Trump knew that the previous American governments did many mistakes. He wants to protect America over the killing of Gaddafi, moreover, America is a threat to terrorists globally, including Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, and Syria. Why Iraq? 

The liar George Bush invaded the country with Tony Blair of Britain and killed the Iraqi citizens, including Saddam Hussein without any weapons of mass destruction. 

Donald Trump knows what he is doing but many wonder if his drastic measures or policies are good for the Americans since the federal court opposes his travel ban and policies on immigration. 

The rapid development of China

The world is rapidly moving ahead trying to reach somewhere to be independent. China which was once one of the poorest undeveloped countries in Asia, now economy worth $17.6tn, slightly higher than the $17.4tn the International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates for the US. 

However, in Africa, the story is different, yet, it has never been more of a priority to see the continent on top of the world. Probably the leaders don't know what to do or how to do it.

How did China develop so quickly? When did it start to happen? This should have been the questions on the lips of every African leader. But that’s not the case. African leaders are struggling to feed the common African in the midst of all those natural resources let alone to develop the country.

It’s actually difficult to give an answer to why Africa can’t move ahead in development years after colonialism. Slave trade and colonialism didn’t occur only in Africa, it took place also in Latin America, North America, Asia and other parts of the world. 

Thus, Africa can’t continue blaming slave or colonial masters for underdevelopment. Many countries suffered slavery and other colonial brutalities but today have transformed themselves into powerful countries economically.  

Photo: Above, the life-long vehicle used by the former Uruguay president, Jose Mujica and below, one of the bulletproofed vehicles used by the Ghanaian government.

Photo: Above, the life-long vehicle used by the former Uruguay president, Jose Mujica and below, one of the bulletproofed vehicles used by the Ghanaian government.

Ghana just had its new government under the NPP leader, Nana Akufo Addo, but already there are problems brewing in Ghana. Rumors and scandals over unnecessary spending and corruption are making headlines in Ghana than what the president has achieved in few days at the office. 

Despite the fragile economy, poor health facilities and the high cost of education which has been one of the factors contributing to child labour in the country. The new Ghanaian government ignored the fleet of cars, including luxurious expensive bullet-proofed vehicles left by the ousted government and ordered new ones, according to sources.

To the Ghanaian leader and his ministers, what matters most is to ride in bullet-proofed cars without concentrating on the depressive economic problems, provide affordable education and health care for the poor masses that stood long hours in the scorching sun to cast their votes for them.

Uruguay is classified as a Third World country, like other African countries, including Ghana but the idealistic, hard-working and honest Uruguay former leader, Jose Mujica, build a healthy economy, giving him the recognition as one of the famous presidents in South America.

Jose Mujica rejected the luxurious presidential palace and stayed at his one-story building house. According to Mujica, he lives like the majority of his people, not the minority, and practically he proved it by donating 90% of his salary to charity. 

African leaders continue to spend unnecessarily, purchasing expensive vehicles and borrowing from overseas and putting the countries into debt. Thus, the money generated from exportation are used to pay some of those foreign debts which adversely affect the infrastructure and the economy of the country.

How long will African leaders continue to disappoint Africans? On the issue of medical crimes such as Aids and Ebola, thousands of people have been sent to their early graves but not a single African leader was able to question America for such a horrible crime against humanity.

It's really sad Africa. When are you going to lift up your voices to be also recognized as human beings to avoid the repetition of such depopulation schemes and the using of Africans as guinea pigs in testing medicines manufactured in Europe and America? 

When are you going to react to the testing bio-warfare products in the continent to bring it to an end? They have taken Africans respect and humbleness as stupidity and feel so strong to tell us that we are uneducated bush people, yet we have pilots, engineers, and doctors in Africa. 

Do we have doctors in Africa? Of course, but the leaders continue to degrade them by seeking a miracle cure in Europe any time one is sick. Frankly speaking, Africa is part of the cause of their own calamities. 

If African leaders will continue to live this life of incompetence, there will be a time China will colonize Africa after Britain and France because the leaders can't take care of Africans without depending on foreign aid.

The Mexican leader, Enrique Pena Nieto is now in a verbal war over the deportation of Mexicans and the proposed wall to secure the border of America. Meanwhile, a lot of Africans, including Ghanaians have been humiliated deported in handcuffs to their respective countries but no African leader reacted.

The leaders continue to be slaves for European and American leaders and wouldn't let their requests for loans be denied. Thus, they have failed to speak against every evil thing, including medical crimes going on in Africa. 

How long can this go on? Time will tell when all the African leaders would run from Africa to seek political asylum in Europe or America.

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  1. u know the white man says "different stroke for different folks" that white man's kind of leadership was not meant for us black people. The only substantial leaders were our kings who could have vision over the white man's bad deeds. They could think wise for their people. But this western politics is just a bin! We shall do away with it. It starts with me!