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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Belgium Prime Minister, Charles Michel, has some questions to answer if the country supports crime or believe in justice.

Belgium Prime Minister, Charles Michel, has some questions to answer if the country supports crime or believe in justice.

Sweeping horrible crimes under the carpet is not easy today as the world develops and brings certain criminals who had previously escaped justice to the criminal court.

Certain crimes occurred during and after colonialism in Africa that Europe and America watched without doing anything about them because they feel that Africa deserves it. After slavery, Africa suffered Apartheid in South Africa, while King Leopold's reign of terror decimated the Congolese in Belgian colony of Congo.

Following the history of Africa under colonialism until the time independence swept through the continent, apart from physical crimes, medical research also proved enough that Europe and America deliberately inflicted man-made diseases in Africa through vaccination or via the eradication of other diseases such as polio.

In reality, Europe and America shouldn't have escaped justice. It should have been the priority for African leaders to bring all those responsible for crimes in Africa to face justice on Africa soil. This was never done, instead, today there is International Criminal Court in The Hague, rather putting African leaders that commit crimes against humanity behind bars. 

American and European leaders have swept all the crimes they committed in Africa under the carpet and rather bringing in African leaders they think have committed a crime against mankind to The Hague to be prosecuted. A way to let Africans feel that they are there to protect them but frankly speaking, the whole thing was false, under the rule of racism and discrimination. 

Madam Fatou Besouda from the Gambia was used as chief prosecutor to deceive Africans. The name is International Criminal Court but it's African Criminal Court,' because European and American leaders that commit the same crimes against humanity are ignored to enjoy impunity. The reason George Bush and Tony Blair of Britain are free after invading Iraq and killed its citizens without finding any weapons of mass destruction.

The political crime of Belgium in Africa

The world, especially Africa, don’t understand the reason under the command of King Leopold II, so many evil things were done in the colony of Belgian-Congo but the king enjoyed impunity. Belgium killed Patrice Lumumba of Congo because he fought for the independence of his country, also the Belgium government escaped justice.

Belgium was responsible for the Rwandan genocide. Nobody heard of the International Criminal Court allowing Belgium to escape punishment once again. This has created an impression that whatever is possible to African leaders is not possible in Europe and America. 

After a long sleep,  African leaders have wakened up and now withdrawing their memberships from the International Criminal Court because there is something terribly wrong with their entire judiciary system in The Hague. What is going on at the International Criminal Court?

Actually it doesn’t make sense to prosecute a dead man, who has committed crimes against humanity decades ago, but since he has a statue in Belgium today, means that the Belgium government and the royal family support the crimes of Leopold II in Africa, thus; the Belgium government or king Philip has to appear in The Hague for criminal charges.

There is no statue of Hitler for killing six million Jews, so why should there be a statue of Leopold II after killing over 10 million Congolese (Africans), including women and children? Above all, since the end of the Second World War, efforts to prosecute Nazi criminals have been going on but the Belgium government and the royal family are enjoying impunity despite keeping the statue of a murderer in the country. Where is the International Criminal Court?

Instead of the royal family and the Belgian government to set a good example like the Germans, they are keeping the statue of the murderer Leopold II as a souvenir to encourage everyone to kill Africans because they are valueless or sub-humans, yet there is a court called the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Holland.

While all such dirty games and hypocrisy are going on, the International Criminal Court wants to impress the world by encouraging the crimes of the Belgian government, set George Bush and Tony Blair free and jailed African leaders, including Hisséin Habré of Chad and Charles Taylor of Liberia.

What kind of world are we living in that crimes committed against humanity by Europeans and American leaders are ignored? How can they be successful in the battle against terrorism when their criminal actions are more than terrorists?

Combined images of Leopold II, his statue, and his victims. Below is the royal family happily waving but where are the hands of the victims to wave if they alive today?

Combined images of Leopold II, his statue, and his victims. Below is the royal family happily waving but where are the hands of the victims to wave if they alive today?

European and American leaders continue to create a dangerous world for innocent people but no one cares to talk about the impending doom and terrorism threats we are facing. The leaders never do the right thing, instead, they use taxpayers' money to increase security aftermath explosions and deaths of innocent victims. 

How long can this go on if we have leaders and the International Criminal Court? I think it's now time for the International Criminal Court to close down because they don't deserve to exist. 

Taking the crime of Belgium in Africa into consideration and the continuous support of crime by keeping Leopold's statue, they should take action if they are truly International Criminal Court or simply close down. And finally, Africa, this is the time to form African Unity Criminal Court because the ICC is not good for you.

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