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Thursday, March 9, 2017


The Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo-Addo, has to demand questions from the American government if Ebola appears in Ghana.

The Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo-Addo, has to demand questions from the American government if Ebola appears in Ghana.

At a symposium organized by the Ghana Medical Association on Ebola in Accra, Dr. Philip Amoo, National Technical Committee member on Ebola, assured Ghanaians that there is no Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Ghana since all suspected cases of the EVD investigated at the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research in Accra have proved negative.

However, it has already been published in Dutch in one of Holland's online newspapers, ',' translated (Netherlands now) that there might be a possible case of Ebola in Ghana. Reference:

According to the newspaper after Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia the deadly Ebola disease may now also surfaced in Ghana.

Authorities Sunday tested the blood of a 12-year-old girl on the disease, reports news agency Reuters. The girl succumbed to a disease with symptoms that also occur with the Ebola virus.

In Guinea, dozens of people have died from the effects of Ebola. The disease has also claimed victims in Liberia.

Last week it was announced that people were placed in quarantine in Mali because they had been contaminated with the virus.
Ebola is a rare disease that has no cure or vaccine. 

The epidemics are small, but they cause panic because the disease is fatal in 90 percent of cases. 

The sick can lose a lot of blood, also through their noses and their urine. MSF has warned of an Ebola epidemic on an unprecedented scale.

Opinion of the writers of this blog

The writers of this blog are  Johan Van Dongen, a Dutch scientist and microsurgeon, Dr. Wolff Geisler, a German doctor, and disease researcher and Joel Savage, a Belgian-Ghanaian journalist, and writer. Reference: THE WRITERS BEHIND THE HEALTH BLOG

All kinds of publications about Aids and Ebola are all over the internet but only a few independent writers have published the truth about the origin of the diseases, even though the journalists and the media behind such stupid and bogus information aren't morons and know that the two diseases are biowarfare products that struck Africa.

We sacrificed our lives by building this blog to inform the general public, especially Africans about the lies and criminal activities of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Diseases Control by giving the right information about diseases but nobody, including the African leaders, has recognized our efforts to save Africa from being used as a medical biowarfare testing ground.

We don't understand why African leaders just sit and watch Africans dying in large numbers every day by Aids while Aids didn't appear miraculously from heaven to Africa but a bio-weapon to depopulate the continent. 

Ebola, like Aids, was also a bio-weapon triggered by the American government in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, yet no African leader has asked the American government any question.

It's even a disgrace to the African leaders to sit quietly and watch Africans being slaughtered like cows for a non-African leader, North Korea's, Kim Jong-Un, to accuse the US government of spreading Ebola and choosing Africa as a bio-weapon testing ground

INDEPENDENT: UK' Newspapers reference:

If the American pharmaceutical companies, the World Health Organization, and the Centers for Diseases Control are clean, the newly elected American president, Donald Trump, wouldn't have appointed Robert Kennedy Jr. to head the 'Vaccine Safety Committee.' 

When Ebola erupted in West Africa, the World Health Organization waited for the victims to die before they reached. The reason we published EBOLA COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED BY THE END OF 2014. After this publication, the World Health Organization apologized for the late response. Reference:

Why the apology when their intention is to let the victims die since Ebola is a bio-warfare product for depopulation? So we hit back to acknowledge their hypocrisy: WHO: YOU CAN'T REBUILD YOUR DAMAGED REPUTATION.

On July 4, 2017, we discovered on the Website of the World Health Organization that Ebola is spread by wild animals. We don't know how to call such people than wolves in sheep clothing or killers in disguise because before the white man discovered the vaccine for malaria, Africans were on this planet so why that wild animal responsible for Ebola didn't kill all Africans?

The reason we published this article to challenge their lies.

BEWARE OF THE FALSE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY WHO AND CDC ABOUT AIDS AND EBOLA. We don't want any fame but if people are not going to take us serious Africa will definitely become a graveyard because Europe and America still want the rich mineral resources in Africa, after independence swept through Africa.

They lost African colonies with pain, therefore, they want Africans to pay for it in every possible way, including Aids and Ebola. Unfortunately, our corrupt leaders have made it possible. Because they depend heavily on Europe and America, they are inactive on this issue, making those responsible for this medical genocides to enjoy impunity today.

If it's any African leader that is responsible for Aids and Ebola in Europe or America, the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, will surely put that leader behind bars, yet they want us to believe that they are doing a wonderful job after putting Charles Taylor of Liberia and Hissene Habré of Chad behind bars for crime against humanity, while George Bush is free for the same crime in Iraq.

We can't say if  Ebola is now in Ghana but if it's true then Ghanaians have the right to demand answers from the American government if the president is not willing to do it because African leaders have shown their incompetence over medical crimes in Africa. Ebola is a biological weapon. Africa has suffered slavery, colonial aggression, Apartheid, Aids, Ebola etc, what comes next? 

We want to repeat that Ebola is a bio-warfare product triggered in West Africa by the American government. Last year, the Dutch scientist, Johan Van Dongen, issued this challenge to the American government TOP WORLD SCIENTISTS PROVE ME WRONG IF AIDS AND EBOLA AREN'T BIO-WEAPONS. We haven't heard from anyone. They have disappeared. What a shame? Do Africa has leaders at all? That's our question.


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