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Friday, March 24, 2017


How can the politicians fight against terrorism and the World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control enjoy impunity for medical genocide in Africa?

How can the politicians fight against terrorism and the World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control enjoy impunity for medical genocide in Africa?

What many people globally don't know is that the Aids virus which was triggered in Africa to depopulate the continent was done under the supervision of the World Health Organization. They can never deny have no idea of the contaminated polio vaccine that resulted in Aids epidemic in the continent.

Thanks to independent scientists and medical researchers, such as German doctor Wolff Geisler, microsurgeon Johan Van Dongen, and many others, else the medical genocide crime will never have come to light.

The world faces the threat of terrorism and no one is safe because the terror strikes without a warning. Every government sees terrorism as evil because those involved are pitiless, cruel and don't value the lives of the innocent victims and its impact on society.

But the same governments desperately fighting against terrorism today are responsible for the medical genocide of Aids and Ebola in Africa. The media in Europe and America have failed to mention Aids and Ebola as the US government bio-weapons project for global depopulation and busy with global terror news.

The wages of sin is death, that's what the Bible says but victims of terrorism don't deserve this because they are not responsible for sins and evil schemes of politicians. They haven't planted anything to reap and they didn't start any fire to burn. 

It's sad that innocent people become victims of revenge because of the evil seeds politicians have sown. Terrorism is indeed an evil act but the writers of this blog can't do anything about it than to pray for the victims and their families but we shall always point out the causes to this global threat. 

Politicians and the media are responsible because none is interested in the truth. And it worth to say that the fight against terrorism could possibly be fruitless because of too much hypocrisy, lies, and coverups around the government tables. 

Below are 10 medical questions politicians, the World Health Organization, the Center for Diseases Control and the mainstream media wouldn't like to answer because all the rooms accommodating their lies are full to the brim.

HIV, the virus causing Aids, is said to be transferred in semen and blood and to have originated from Africa.

1. Why did HIV not depopulated Africa at an earlier stage?

2. Why did it not spread earlier to colonizers countries of Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, and Portugal?

3. Why did it spread via Haiti to homosexual men in the USA?

4. Why only men are infected by anal intercourse?

5. Why women in Africa are infected, as opposed to the USA, Europe, and female prostitutes in Bangkok, until 1992?

6. How can HIV spread so rapidly in Africa than any of the continents?

7. Why are people infected in the USA and Europe but not Hongkong?

8. Why is HIV transmitted among people using heroin but not amphetamine intravenously?

9. Why are medical staff not infected?

10. How can HIV be transmitted in pulverized, cell-free blood concentrates to hemophilia patients?

We will remind everyone how dangerous and wicked this world is since the media, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control have failed to answer those questions. 

The World Health Organization and Center for Diseases Control should stop the lies and delete all the false information about Aids and Ebola they have made available to readers on their websites.

Finally, Africa wants justice for those medical genocides, thus, that justice should be a priority like a fight against global terrorism. 


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