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Saturday, February 4, 2017


Robert Kennedy Jr. and President Donald Trump

Robert Kennedy Jr. and President Donald Trump

As a scientist and micro-surgeon, what I have observed is “If a black writer speaks or writes about medical crimes against black people nobody pays attention. But when a white scientist or a medical investigative journalist speaks about medical crimes against white people, some believe and others call it a conspiracy theory.

"I wonder why black people don't trust or have confidence in themselves but trust white people who some continuously harm them. Aids and Ebola were diseases created by white scientists, (not a black scientist) to harm and destroy black people. So black people wake up," says the Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen.

I would like to inform you that the corrupt United States government uses the medical community to “Enslave, Control and Kill” black people for eugenic reasons to depopulate the overcrowded world. 

They will use your family doctor who gives you deadly prescriptions and they will use Cancer, Aids, and Ebola, as an excuse to take you to the slaughterhouse.

The white scientist would say that there we have it again the so-called conspiracy theory about contaminated vaccines, Aids and Ebola. But slavery, Apartheid, colonization aggression, to mention but a few, were all meant to dominate black people but white folks don't call them conspiracy theory. People without shame. So let us listen to other statements.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

Robert Kennedy Jr. sent a message to everyone on October 14, 2015, that “The pharmaceutical industry has created and produced vaccines (like the N1H1 and the Flu Shot and more) especially for black men and boys, about how to kill off these people. Generation by generation!” 

To confirm this firm statement, a whistleblower from the CDC, scientist William Thompson, has taken over 100.000 secret documents from the CDC and presented them to Bill Posey, Republican senator of the US Congress but it was ignored.

Kennedy, an attorney who has no formal scientific or medical training, has actively campaigned against vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) since the early 2000s, citing a scientifically discredited concern that the preservative thimerosal contained in some vaccines causes neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

Trump's Meeting With Robert Kennedy Jr.

This kind of disregard for accepted science performed by Thompson and some colleagues at CDC was noted by Robert Kennedy, who contacted Donald Trump.

Trump’s embrace of it has experts in the scientific and pharmaceutical communities worried. Even forming a commission on autism and vaccines without Kennedy’s involvement would be counterproductive at best and harmful at worst, says Mark Schleiss, division director of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. 

But Mark? Donald Trump hasn't been elected as president at the time but now he is. So I think Robert Kennedy has to make a new appointment.

Articles about Donald Trump, Robert Kennedy Jr. and autism on the blog 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola.'

Scientists and officials in the crime medical field that call everything against them conspiracy, including the contaminated vaccines which gave birth to Aids and Ebola, would you also call the works of these researchers, prominent medical officials, and investigative writers like Dr. Wolff Geisler, Johan van Dongen, and Joel Savage, conspiracy theories too?

Some other colleagues statements

Dr. Peter Piot, Executive Director of UNAIDS says; “The HIV/AIDS virus is the result of many steps in the laboratory, it was no accident. Also, the 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States' intent to kill its own citizens and others.

“We are greater than any federal virus program. We are the human race!" Stated Dr. Boyd E. Graves on Sept. 28, 2002. And he wrote; “The History of the Development of AIDS,” a chapter excerpt from State Origin: “The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS.”

The true history of the origin of AIDS can be traced throughout the 20th Century and dates back to as far as 1878. On April 29th of that year the United States passed a;


 The United States began a significant effort to investigate “causes” of epidemic diseases. In 1887, the effort was enhanced with the mandate of the U.S.


This lab was run by Dr. Joseph J. Kinyoun, a deep rooted racist, who served the eugenics movement with dedication.

Suggestions to Donald Trump

Therefore President Trump, in other words, because of those two legislations you are absolutely not able to actually mandate whether children receive vaccines or not.

But perhaps I can raise some suggestions to influence the criminal vaccine policy. In certain notes two federal programs that are essential to public health: the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which provides compensation for injuries that a vaccine may have caused. 

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, ensures that all children have access to vaccines regardless of socioeconomic or insurance status. Both were created by Congress, NVICP in 1986 and VFC in 1993, and would, therefore, need to be dismantled by Congress. But Trump’s party currently controls both houses of Congress. So Donald please read;

“If you disrupt NVICP, that would be deadly,” it is stated. Doing so would mean individuals could sue pharmaceutical companies in civil court. The last time this was possible was in the 1980s. Seven of eight drug companies making pertussis vaccine stopped, leading to skyrocketing costs of vaccines and nearly triggering a public health crisis.

 “The amount they were spending in civil court to defend themselves from lawsuits was exceeding the amount they could make from vaccines,” It was also stated. Noting that only four companies make vaccines today. “We were about to lose the pertussis vaccine for children because of civil litigation.” That could happen again, Offit says.

Daniel Salmon, Ph.D., associate professor of the Institute for Vaccine Safety

Even without Congress on its side, the office of the president has considerable power when it comes to vaccines, explains Daniel Salmon, Ph.D., associate professor and deputy director of the Institute for Vaccine Safety at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Trumps Two Powerful Possibilities

“The president has two main powers here. The bully pulpit is probably the biggest: When he speaks, people listen. When this president-elect tweets, people read,” Salmon says. “Simply by saying something, he can largely impact people’s views and create controversy where it doesn’t exist.”

The second power lies in his role as head of the executive branch, says Salmon, who also served as director of vaccine safety at the National Vaccine Program Office for five years up through 2011.

Daniel Salmon, Ph.D

Yes, white scientists, you call everything against you conspiracy but scientists, have you ever listen to Daniel Salmon?

“The leadership of all the agencies is designated by the president or his surrogates, so he could have a large impact in affecting people’s perceptions and norms and in terms of who he puts in charge of various programs,” Salmon says. 

“The people who aren’t political appointees might be really resistant, but at the end of the day if the director of the CDC tells them to do something unless it’s illegal, they’re probably going to have it done.” For example, ACIP’s committee members, recommended by an internal steering committee, are ultimately appointed to four-year terms by the secretary of health and human services—who is appointed by the president. 

In addition, any decision made by ACIP can be rejected by the CDC chief, who is also appointed by the president and doesn’t require congressional approval. And the Vaccines for Children Program only covers vaccines officially recommended by the CDC.

Two additional powers the top executive has are forming presidential commissions and executive orders, Salmon says.

Yes, medical and pharmaceutical scientists there is a time for sowing and reaping and the time is near to expose your criminal behavior and the scythe Of Donald Trump will find you.

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