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Monday, February 6, 2017


Sierra Leone: Happy children at school after Ebola

Sierra Leone: Happy children at school after Ebola

There are many people working in the medical field aware of the corruption and illegal activities of pharmaceutical companies and looking for the right media to make their voice heard.

Following the article, TRUMP APPOINTS ROBERT KENNEDY JR. TO LEAD COMMISSION ON VACCINE SAFETY? which was published on February 4, 2017, Mr. Willem Tijssen, one of the members of 'Ebola Attack Team,' a medical team from Holland, who were in Sierra Leone during the Ebola epidemic reacts.

Dear Mr. Kennedy, it would be of great interest to the world, in terms of safety if Trump appoints you to lead the commission on vaccine safety. It triggered my attention; not to discuss but merely to share some of my experiences with Ebola and vaccinations. 

As you know, the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control, IMC and others are hard-line supporters to have the pharmaceutical industry develop experimental vaccines to prevent and treat Ebola. 

Already billions of tax-dollars from the international community have been invested without any proven result. Vaccines for influenza are big business but I cannot judge on the effects as I am not a medical doctor, says Willem Tijssen, one of the medical members of the Ebola Attack Team.

What we, EBOLA ATTACK TEAM, know, is that contrary to the flu, every single case of Ebola is a mutation without any guarantee. The vaccine that works for one patient also has an effect on another patient. Ebola vaccines contain small particles of active Ebola with an antibody.

The problem is that when active particles enter the central nervous system or separated genetic reproduction center, the antibody is not capable of attacking the Ebola there. This is the reason why Ebola survivors developed Post-Ebola Syndrome.

The survivors suffer from Post-Ebola Syndrome, caused by Ebola residue in the central nervous system and genetic reproduction center. This Ebola residue is symptomless but still highly contagious and is found in semen, breast milk, womb liquid, eye liquid and brain fluids.

Based on a thesis of the American doctors David Fedson and Steven Opal, in 2014 EBOLA ATTACK TEAM cured 300 Ebola patients in Sierra Leone with existing FDA-approved oral medicines, actually developed for other diseases but surprisingly effective on Ebola.

In 2015 hundred Ebola survivors were relieved of Post-Ebola Syndrome with the same medicines; Atorvastatin, Irbesartan, and Clomiphene Citrate. 

Although the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and IMC were aggressively opposed, and against their will, in 2015, the President of Sierra Leone courageously ordered these medicines as a strategic stock for possible future outbreaks and to treat Ebola Survivors.

The World Health Organization has tried everything to indoctrinate, intimidate and threats to block this protocol and convinced the African medical community to deny and ignore the successful results in favor of experimental vaccines. 

As someone who opposes dangerous vaccine and convinced that a vaccine causes autism, I wanted you to know and if you understand the scope of my plead, hoping you will seriously dive into this matter if you commenced the work Trump wants to assign you to undertake.

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