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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Robert Kennedy Jr., head of anti-vaccine committee

Robert Kennedy Jr., head of anti-vaccine committee

The World Health Organization is reeling after an internal audit discovered incidents of fraud, corruption, harassment, and the failure to comply with professional standards within the organization. The corruption skyrocketed in 2015.

The audit report which was released by the United Nation’s Office of Internal Oversight Services in 2015, revealed the increase of corruption and nefarious activities by 66% and fraud up 20% over the previous year. Harassment claims increased by 30%, while the cases of sexual harassment doubled. 

In total, nearly a hundred cases of wrongdoing were reported by WHO employees, whistleblowers, and watchdogs. For instance, at a World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, health officials from around the world chastised the UN’s public health arm for creating an environment where serious violations are allowed to occur.

The latest scandal is WHO's halting medication against Ebola in West Africa. Not only WHO employees, Dr. Martin Friede, Dr. Christopher Davis, Dr. Fred Hayden and Dr. Simona Zipurski were involved in this shady medical deals in Sierra Leone but also the Director general of the WHO, Margaret Chan, who refused to comment on questions we raised to her.

The WHO officials stopped the treatment of Ebola victims with Statins & Angiotensin Receptor Blockers, which had been 100% successful in Port Loko, after curing 25 patients and also the medicines were successfully administered to patients in Kenema, Moyamba, Hastings and other Hospitals.

After the successful treatment they were hoping that the country's Minister of Health and the World Health Organization will give them permission to continue the treatment, instead, they were grounded and the medication came to an end.

WHO employee Dr. Fred Hayden

Prior to the aforementioned events, a report of the meeting proceedings to the public on August 17, 2014, showed 'Twelve Declarations' of interest for advisors and four for resource persons. It is stated that no conflict of interest was declared by any of the advisors.

Dr. Fred Hayden, one of the resource persons, declared that; “he and Coca-Cola funded Emory University,” and have received compensation for his time in reviewing one patent case regarding Zanamivir (GSK) and medicolegal cases involving fatal influenza and delayed use of Oseltamivir (Roche). It goes without saying that the links of Hayden to both pharmaceutical plants show the integration of one thing and another.

How can the world including Africa trust the World Health Organization? Do they want us to believe them? There is no truth in the behavior of WHO. It wasn't that they are not sure whether the 'Ebola Attack Team's medicine was effective or not but as previously published on this blog they obviously want more Ebola victims to die and also make money from their own 'EboBun' medication.

Asking WHO the permission to heal the Ebola victims, this was the letter from the World Health Organization, written by Dr. Martin Friede, Team Leader Ebola Experimental Therapies, sent to the 'Ebola Attack Team.' Below are the contents of the letter.

WHO employee Dr. Martin Friede;

As a reply to your statements and questions I would like to set the record straight:

The approval for the use of any drug to treat a condition is the sovereign right of the National Regulatory Agency of the country, and WHO does not interfere with the decision-making of such an Agency. Our role is to provide guidance to the National Regulatory Agency on whether or not the evidence supports the safety and efficacy of a drug for a particular indication.

If a Regulatory Agency wishes to approve a drug for a use for which we do not have supportive data, we do not object but may indicate the absence or insufficiency of available data. There are currently no drugs that are registered for the treatment of EBOV.

On August 11, 2014, consultation on the ethical use of unregistered interventions for EVD, it was concluded that it is ethical to offer unproven interventions to Ebola patients providing that certain conditions are met, including the requirement to collect and share data (on drug efficacy and safety), and the need for such interventions to be provided under appropriate ethical conditions including but not limited to informed consent and freedom of choice.

We note that despite numerous requests from the WHO you have not been able to provide data on drug efficacy or safety in this patient population. We do not accept your personal statement of 100% success (efficacy) as evidence and require access to the data to enable us to determine how many patients have received these drugs, what their clinical condition was at the time of initiating treatment and what the clinical outcomes were.

Until such data are provided we cannot assess drug efficacy, and therefore cannot recommend use. We further note that in addition to the statins and angiotensin receptor blockers that you mention, at least one other drug was also used in some of these patients, namely clomiphene, a fertility drug.

The contribution of this drug to any reported recovery will also need to be clarified. We have received from your partner's indication of an initial request to the National Regulatory Agency to conduct a trial with these drugs.

However, we have no indication that approval for such trials was ever provided, nor that the use of these experimental interventions was conducted under appropriate conditions, as highlighted in the WHO guidance of August 11th, including the need for (documented) informed consent of the patients enrolled in the trial.

At present, therefore, we have no substantive evidence that any of the drugs that were provided to the patients had any effect on the outcome of Ebola infection. On the basis of this, we cannot recommend to the National Regulatory Agency approval for the use of these drugs in the treatment of Ebola.

Should you be able to provide detailed supportive evidence from the use of these drugs we would be happy to review these data and may then be in a position to issue a recommendation.

Finally, every country has to comply with the international regulations of the WHO, and every country in this world is connected to the WHO. The main reason is that Fred Hayden do not want Willem to be involved in working vaccines against Ebola because he has to defend the profits of Glaxo Smith Kline GSK company and Centers for Diseases medicine.”

After receiving this letter we asked Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO’s Director-General, the reasons she halted the effective Ebola treatment. Like always it is Tarik Jašarević, the WHO official in charge of media relations for the World Health Assembly. He replied, “No Way.  And Chan will not be talking to you or the media.” But his actions and cold attitude encouraged us to expose WHO's corruption.

About $305 million Taxpayers money, including Donald Trump, spent on the corrupt WHO 

Auditors of the World Health Assembly determined that a high-ranking WHO representative, arranged for the son of a friend to be on WHO premises, ostensibly as an intern, even after being instructed that the teenager was too young and lacked requisite experience to become a WHO intern. 

That same representative also misused the organization’s resources by using WHO's vehicle for personal purpose, demanding that staff members make personal flight and hotel reservations, and trying to force through the hiring of a personal friend for a WHO position, even though the friend had no qualifications for the job. 

In another development, an official at an unnamed regional of WHO's office bypassed established procedures to improperly purchase $2.1 million of equipment from a friend, even though the equipment was available for much less through other vendors. "The audit made it uncomfortable for delegates from more than 185 countries at a meeting," said a representative of the United Kingdom.

Germany’s delegation argued the troubling audit findings; “seem to provide the message that the speed of cultural change at the WHO is not adequate.” The WHO is funded by world taxpayers through contributions of public money given by countries around the world. 

American taxpayers spent about $305 million to fund the intergovernmental health agency in 2015. That means that Donald Trump spent about $305 million on a corrupt organization. And precisely that's why you have to appoint Robert Kennedy Jr. as a chairman to an anti-vaccine committee to excavate the corruption of the US health organizations to face punishment.

Trump on autism search:

 Robert Kennedy Jr:

Swine Flu scandal

After the Swine Flu Scandal, it seems that the pharmaceutical industry gained billions of dollars and controlled the WHO system. This event led to an extreme bias towards the use of not only ineffective and unnecessary influenza vaccines and medicines, amongst others advised by Mr. Flu Dutch professor Ab Osterhaus with a whole lot of shares. 

But also to the use of antipsychotics, antidepressant, antianxiety and other psychopharmacological drugs, cytotoxic anti-cancer chemotherapy, and a number of other drugs, which according to independent meta-analyses and Cochrane reviews are found to be without significant beneficial effect and often harmful.

We recommend President Trump and Mr. Robert Kennedy for a fundamental revision of the WHO-system, FDA and the CDC, that have proven itself weak to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

Summarizing, the WHO is distributing iatrogenic diseases for the profits of the pharmaceutical industry and their alliance within the organization and many employees are enriching themselves.


Why the Corruption of the World Health Organization (WHO) is the Biggest Threat to the World’s Public Health of Our Time, by Danish Holistic Doctor Søren Ventegodt, 2015.

False pandemics announced by the WHO

Three false pandemics were announced by the WHO and the pattern of political abuse of public trust reaching for a massive wealth transfer from U.S. taxpayers to Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers is not the only a disturbing trend.

Dr. Martin Friede

Dr. Martin Friede, team leader of the Technology Transfer Initiative with the unit on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, provides leadership to WHO’s activities on promoting research and development of health-related biotechnology products and increasing access to technology transfer. 

His team has established a number of technology-transfer hubs, where essential health-related technologies were assembled with appropriate know-how in a single site and subsequently transferred to multiple developing countries to permit accelerated availability of locally produced products.

Dr. Friede led the WHO activities on prioritizing and testing therapeutic products for Ebola infections, and he also currently leads WHO’s activities on the development and use of vaccines to minimize antimicrobial resistance. Prior to joining WHO, Dr. Friede held several senior management positions in the vaccine and biotech industry. Dr. Friede earned his Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Cape Town in 1990.

Before joining WHO, Friede was Vice President of Development at Apovia Inc. A Californian based biotech company where he was responsible for all vaccine development activities. Prior to this he also had worked for numerous years as a senior scientist at Glaxo Smith Kline Biologicals Belgium, where he had to lead a team on vaccine formulation research. 

No, No, No, No....., Dr. Friede has no links with the pharmaceutical industry, WHO replied. It isn't only the WHO-SYSTEM which is as corrupt as mafia bosses on this planet but also well-known institutes like CDC and FDA.

 Nobody inside WHO and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control can explain why they own a patent on a particular strain of Ebola known as "EboBun." It's patent No. CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010.

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