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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


What makes African children so happy? Not even deliberate Aids, Ebola, and other man-made diseases will stop them

What makes African children so happy? Not even deliberate Aids, Ebola, and other man-made diseases will stop them

In August of 2003, the United States government researchers announced the development of a vaccine that protected monkeys against Ebola virus infection with a single dose. 

The vaccine consisted of another virus, adenovirus, to which a small segment of Ebola virus DNA was added. Adenoviruses are known for their causing various respiratory and other types of infections.

Filoviruses are highly infectious by the airborne route. The Washington Post published this header at
The vulnerability of human populations to airborne agents makes it probable that terrorists who choose to use a filovirus as a weapon will attempt to deliver it by aerosol. 

Beyond that statement, there is no way to predict what form an attack might take. A former administrator of the Soviet program has provided a dramatic account of a secret effort to develop Marburg virus as an offensive weapon. 

Marburg virus is very familiar with Ebola, Chikungunya Fever, Dengue, Hantavirus, Arenaviruses,  and Influenza.  

Research reports published by Russian investigators after the collapse of the Soviet Union reflect a strong interest in the aerosol infectivity and stability of freeze-dried Marburg virus—a preparation highly suitable for use as a biological weapon. 

This was investigated by e.g. Dr. Christopher Davis, recently a leading official at W.H.O. H.Q. in Geneva to study experimental drugs that could cure Ebola.

Volchkov and colleagues at the Institut für Virologie in Marburg, Germany, used the reverse  genetics system for Ebola to create a mutated virus. The mutant virus was more toxic to cells than the naturally occurring virus., according to 
Prof. Bill Gelbart, a physical chemistry-trained scientist who studies viruses. 

You can even freeze viruses without damaging them.  “In fact, they do very well at low temperature,” Gelbart says.  “When they are warmed up, they will diffuse aimlessly like a speck of dust in the air until they land in the right host.” 

According to Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, something is going to desecrate humans, killing millions. It’s not nuclear war. In an exclusive interview with Ezra Klein in Vox, Gates said, “I rate the chance of a nuclear war within my lifetime as being fairly low.”

Also, vaccines to eliminate polio in Africa were used as an opportunity to infect the continent with the Aids and Ebola viruses. It's therefore not logical if the US government plans or has created a vaccine to protect monkeys from Ebola.

That's pure lies and hypocrisy because neither Aids nor Ebola viruses were caused or spread by monkeys. This is just a plan to cover up their medical crimes. If monkeys have or could spread Aids or Ebola viruses why the entire African continent not depopulated at an earlier stage?

Desperate people don't only do desperate things but also desperately lie to cover up their desperate crimes. The World Health Organization, CDC, and the US government, Africans are sick and tired of your desperate lies, therefore, change your desperate ways.

Ebola first struck Congo, after the Belgium government administered a vaccine to cure polio. Then it was triggered in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea by the American government. Till now, no scientific research has proved that Monkeys in the Ebola- stricken countries have Ebola.

Thus, America, go away with your lies. African monkeys don't need any Ebola protection. If there are monkeys in America, please protect them with your devil vaccines.

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