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Thursday, February 2, 2017


After 70 million infected with the HIV virus and 35 million people dead, celebrities couldn't protest, even though America is responsible for this medical genocide

After 70 million infected with the HIV virus and 35 million people dead, celebrities couldn't protest, even though America is responsible for this medical genocide

Bring out those responsible for Aids in America Trump

One of the ailments of the society is hypocrisy. It is everywhere, including Hollywood and in the music field. They only identify themselves if they want to impress the world that they care about mankind, yet only a few truly care about humanity.

During the elections, some notable celebrities reacted to Trump's win and spoke against him. It's shocking that some of the comments against Trump were indeed distasteful and insignificant just because of hate and disappointment many Americans can't get over it. For example, on Twitter, Sarah Silverman compares Trump's presidency to the great depression. Why?

In many circumstances, it's always good for one to remain silent than to raise the voice trying to impress people that you care about humanity or the world. According to the World Health Organization, 70 million people are infected with the HIV virus and 35 million people have died. 

Why many Americans against Trump, instead of those responsible for the medical bio-weapons that had killed both millions of Africans and Americans and still killing? Thus, for a very long time the world expects the American celebrities to react and do something about this, instead, everyone is quiet. 

Trump and the secret bio-weapons plants in America which one is a threat to the world? On the screen, you act and perform and surely, you enjoy being the talk of the town by those who admire you. But what love do you have for those deliberately murdered by your country? 

Do you want to save Hollywood or your career as film stars? Why can't you protest against those responsible for the medical genocide like how you did against Trump? It's a total disgrace to each one of you. The day Hollywood will collapse, you'll surely hear the voice of the murdered Aids and Ebola victims from the grave.

Angelina Jolie was in Africa to hug a child suffering from a nodding syndrome, another sickness caused by the use of Mycotoxin bioweapon by America. Probably she knows that nodding syndrome is one of the Americans man-made diseases. However, how many celebrities have gone to Uganda or Tanzania to see those suffering children?

Yet, celebrities like Meryl Streep, John Legend, Samuel L. Jackson, Cher, Madonna, Cynthia Nixon, Robert De Niro etc, want to convince the world and make us believe that Trump is the most dangerous American president on earth. This is pure hypocrisy. 

If they really care about the world, they shouldn't come out to blow their horns against Trump policies because his policies had neither destroyed America nor the world than the deliberate man-made or laboratory engineered diseases called Aids and Ebola by America.

Do these selfish celebrities think they are better than those millions deliberately killed by America? For ages, this medical crime is being covered up and all the right information is suppressed, likewise Ebola, but we never heard the voice of any celebrity demanding answers from the American government over those medical crimes.

There is time for everything, a time to sow, a time to reap, a time to cry, a time to be happy. It is now time for those responsible for the medical crimes to come out of the closet. America, Belgium, France, Britain, Holland etc, please come forward.

Donald Trump has promised to make America great once again but in what way president Trump? Please, not only to tighten up immigration issues.  America has murdered thousands of innocent people including Africans with bio-weapons, such as Aids, Burkitt lymphoma, Ebola etc, so bring them out. 

There are certain things that can’t be ignored or pretended to be normal. The Aids and Ebola bio-weapon crimes are some of them because they involved the mass murder of innocent people that will never rest in their graves until justice is served. And until that true justice is given to them Europe and America will never know peace.

The selected images of the header of our blog are not for fun. They were purposely used to constantly demand answers from the culprits who callously and deliberately murdered and inflicted such terrible diseases on them. The images are constantly staring at the faces of the guilty the reason they are restless.

They have done everything from the suppression of information to the banning of our articles on certain social platforms but nothing works. Last month, we were banned from 'Reddit' and this week from '' But the more they ban us the more we work hard to spread the message because their actions show that they are scared of something. But why are you scared of if you haven't done anything wrong?

"Ya running away, running away, running away but you can't run away from yourself. You might have done something wrong. Why you can't find the place where you belong?" Sings Bob Marley in 'Running Away.' That's the exact situation of the American government and those European countries involved in the medical genocide.

"Innocent blood can't be shed and the dead can't be mocked." That's the warning from the victims of Aids and Ebola to everyone or country that played a role in these medical genocides.

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