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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Koen Geens: The Minister for Justice in Belgium

Koen Geens: The Minister for Justice in Belgium

Information reaching us confirms that there are certain people parading themselves as lawyers in the African community, in Antwerp, thereby soliciting for clients.

For many years they have convinced the African community that they are lawyers, yet they are not qualified to serve or represent anyone in the court.

In the African communities, there are both legal and illegal immigrants and those who often break the law that receives a summon to appear before a criminal court.

Without any court experience, instead of contacting the right or qualified lawyers to handle their case they often contact some of these African 'lawyers' who have verbally and falsely created names for themselves as advocates or lawyers.

If one had previously worked in the courthouse and therefore has ample knowledge about court procedures doesn't qualify the person to be a lawyer. The same way, if one has worked as a spokesperson for a chief, doesn't qualify the person to be installed as a chief.

The anatomy of law is very broad and complex. If one wants to practice law, he or she has to go to a law school or undertake higher education to earn a bachelor’s degree to help others on legal matters.  

After the law school, a bar exam is ahead of you to prepare yourself to undertake and if you pass the exams, you are then qualified to practice after obtaining your license.

I don't know where those Africans deceiving people that they are lawyers had their law education as law students because they don't actually represent their clients after being paid.

For example, many Africans facing legal actions often contact those so-called African lawyers. After demanding the money from their clients they are later introduced to a 'Pro Deo Lawyer.'

What is a 'Pro Deo Lawyer?' They are a team of legal savvy experts that will speak to you, give you advise and assist you in solving your disputes. The jurists provide free legal advice about divorce, traffic, problems with rent and inheritances. 

On the person’s behalf, they will answer all the legal issues that may arise often relating to commercial, criminal, and other cases that need judiciary solutions.

In our opinion, it's illegal for anyone to take money from someone summoned to appear in court then later the so-called lawyer refers the defendant to a 'Pro Duo Lawyer.' That is a crime. 

We have collected a number of names of those people and we are using this media to warn them. If they continue with their nefarious activities and we get any new evidence, their names will be published.

At the same time, we will use this opportunity to call on the minister of justice, Koen Geens, to get rid of all such illegal activities of those 'lawyers' because the Belgium judiciary system itself is under question over security failings and other malpractices.

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