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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Dr. Wolff Geisler was requested six times as an expert on the nuclear-military deliveries from the Federal Republic of Germany to South Africa

Dr. Wolff Geisler was requested six times as an expert on the nuclear-military deliveries from the Federal Republic of Germany to South Africa

Johan Van Dongen questions the intelligence of Dr. K. Fleischer and Günther Frank Peter Ripken

"Dr. Wolff Geisler, I am dismayed that you deliberately wish to mislead your readers and dish up dangerous lies. In the event that this work is published in any form whatsoever, I shall see to it that it will be condemned for the reasons already given," says Professor Dr. K. Fleischer, Head of the Department for Tropical Diseases, Missionsärztliche Klinik, Würzburg, Germany, on June 26, 1994.

Klaus Fleischer, head of the Department of Tropical Diseases, Missionsärztliche Klinik, Würzburg, Germany

In 1987, Klaus Fleischer, Chief Physician of the Department of Tropical Medicine at the Missionary Clinic, founded the working group "AIDS and International Health" on behalf of the Catholic Relief Society of Health. Some years later, in July 2004, Professor Dr. Klaus Fleischer finished his work as Chief Physician of the Department of Tropical Medicine at the Missionsärztliche Klinik Würzburg at 65. 

So I assume there will be some time left for him to study all the scientific facts and references in Wolff Geisler's book “Aids Origin Spread and Healing” and on our blog 'Secrets Of Aids and Ebola,' of course.

Klaus Fleischer has been affiliated to the 'Missionsärztliche Institut and the Missionsärztlichen Klinik' for 43 years and studied medicine in Würzburg, thereafter, moved to Africa and served in Ghana and Nigeria. 

After the first years of his assistance at the Missionsärztliche Klinik and corresponding in London and Edinburgh, he was appointed as a missionary physician, in Northern Nigeria, from 1970 to 1972. This is followed by a one-year specialization in tropical medicine in London.

So, Klaus, I think the time has come to ask Fleischer, why and on what grounds he will criticize the work of Wolff Geisler for the reasons already given when despite in the medical field both failed scientifically to know the use of diseases as bioweapons or are you trying to cover up?

Embassy of the USA in Harare, Zimbabwe

About Geisler's book the Embassy of the USA in Harare, Zimbabwe, said on August 5, 1994, that: "It is inconceivable that anyone who had done serious research into the Aids crisis can make this irresponsible and totally baseless charges made by the author's book of Aids: Origin, Spread, and Healing.”

It's always easy for someone to say anything negative against another person. For instance, how about the American Embassy worker who was questioned about trespassing some farms without permission? It was Zimbabwe's information minister, Jonathan Moyo who said that:

“The beating of a USA embassy worker was the result of interventionist behavior by some US embassy personnel who have been trespassing onto some farms under the guise of looking for alleged displaced farm workers. And we all know there are no displaced farm workers in Zimbabwe and the embassy knows that." He said. 

Mr. Moyo dismissed the charge of lawlessness as “quite preposterous,” and added, “Everyone knows that the USA is the citadel of mafia conduct and racist vigilante groups. When will America restore its rule of law by controlling the mafia and the Ku Klux Klan?"

And we all know the representative USA embassy does not consider Mr. Mugabe as the legitimate leader of Zimbabwe.

Psychologist Günther Frank Kreis Stormarn Germany

On, February 10, 1995, psychologist Günther Frank, residing in Kreis Stormarn Germany, stated that Geisler's book “Aids. Origin, Spread and Healing” book is ...evil.., cynicism and a chutzpa..”

But I sincerely think that Günther Frank, appointed at the 'Gesundheitsamt AIDS und Sexualberatung, Bad Oldesloe, Germany,' is missing a few quite important things here.

Because Wolff Geisler's book is underlined and based on thousands of scientific papers published by the “most famous researchers.” Frank should be aware of the fact that he also called them liars and evil scientists. 

Therefore I will challenge Dr. Frank to answer in detail where the book is failing and at which part the book is “evil, cynicism, and a chutzpa”. I think he obviously should know by now how the Nazis have interfered on mankind and a lot of references in Geisler's book are pointing in that direction. 

Doctor Frank, have you really read all those references? Because if you have done then you should know that you have broken one leg of the chair on which you are sitting.

Peter Ripken Frankfurt Book Fair 1995

Another “puppet on a string” is Peter Ripken, a contact person at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair, Harare, who on July 31, 1995, called Geisler a criminal during the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany.

“African publishers have it all seriously.” Confirm Peter Ripken, who represents the Frankfurt Book Fair and actively engaged to the African book in Germany. He proudly boasts of his intercession of the translation of two books by a Ghanaian writer, Amma Darko by the German publisher a small German publisher, Schmetterling Verlag. 

Gray hair and gray beard Ripken, is a veteran at the fair in Harare and knew what is going on. Ninety percent of what is spent in Africa consists of textbooks. That means you as a publisher is completely dependent on the budget of your government. If they close the money tap which is running, then it's done.

Rethinking the aids theory and as scientists, we all know what happens when you are dependent on governments, the pharmaceutical industry, and the media. Yes, there you'll notice what the criminal activities of the medical, political, and pharmaceutical are all about.

Therefore Peter Ripken, as a scientist and author of three similar books of Geisler, before you call Geisler a criminal, I will suggest you read my books and also the books of  Leonard Horowitz, Alan Cantwell, Joseph Mc. Cormick, Paul Ryan, Upjohn, Viera Schreibner and many others because all those medical writers have proved beyond doubt that medical crimes are committed as bio-weapons. 

Finally, I would like to ask Klaus Fleischer, the Embassy of the USA in Harare, Zimbabwe, as well as  Günther Frank and Peter Ripken, why Wolff Geisler was the only citizen from the Federal Republic of Germany personally invited in 1975, by Frelimo at the ceremony of independence of Mozambique?

And why Wolff Geisler was requested six times as an expert on the military, especially nuclear-military deliveries from the Federal Republic of Germany to South Africa before committees of United Nations and once before German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag)?

If you know the answer please let me know. Cowards always stay cowards especially when they are shouting from the distance. Seriously, smartness is indeed a form of stupidity and that's why we will reveal to each and every person, industry, politician and croaking ducks on our Secrets of Aids and Ebola blog, that the American government, Belgium, Holland, France, Britain, WHO and the CDC, were all involved in medical crimes around the globe against humanity. It is a crime they need to pay for it.

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