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Saturday, January 21, 2017


The magic moments of Trump as he becomes the 45th president of the United States of America

The magic moments of Trump as he becomes the 45th president of the United States of America

Many call it careless talk and others call it free talk. That's what Donald Trump, the newly elected American president stands for. He doesn't beat about the bush and within a second says what it may take others months or years to say. 

That's what has generated a lot of hatred for Donald Trump, but the weight of that hate wasn't strong enough to keep him out of the White House.

In America's political history nothing has ever been witnessed and could be compared with what Trump went through during his political campaign. He was humiliated, ridiculed, disgraced, made fun of, a naked statue of him, degrading and abusive images and cartoons. That weren't enough. Trump was accused of sexually molesting women.

"America is a great nation and in God, they trust," but America didn't show that quality or worth as a great nation and at a certain time. The events going on in that country made it the 'United States of Africa,' because one can't differentiate between America and Africa. Frankly, speaking America may be the leading continents in corruption followed by Africa.

It worth to ask: What makes a country a great nation? The manufacturing of firearms which they used to kill themselves? Or inflicting diseases in Third World Countries, as biological weapons? 

While the country calls itself 'Great nation,' others see them as the most oppressive country on earth. Can Donald Trump lift up the image of that country? Because like Belgium or the Belgium royal family, America has indelible blood stains in their palms.

They have killed thousands of poor innocent people by testing chemicals as bio-weapons. Aids, Ebola, Burkitt's lymphoma, nodding disease, Isosporiasis, and hundreds of other cancer-related diseases, were biologically created and used on people they hate or want to kill. The FBI, CIA and other secret agents support and cover up crimes instead of exposing those involved in crimes. 

Actually, this is what every America should have spoken about, for example, the brutal killing of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet for opposing dangerous vaccines against autism. Only a few people spoke about the senseless killing of Dr. Bradstreet but rather the whole America nation, including celebrities and film stars, were against Donald Trump. Some even said they will leave America if Trump wins. 

The world is watching them, they must pack their bags and leave the country to wherever they want, for it is easier said than done. If Canada will not take them they are always welcomed in Africa. Africa, as a matter of fact, doesn't hate any American leader, despite killing many Africans through slavery and medical crimes. 

Like Obama, Donald Trump will not say: "Africa, sorry for Aids and Ebola;" but Africa expects him to use his good office to stop using the continent as a drug and bioweapon testing ground. Advanced countries should stop using Africa as a dumping ground for waste products, such as nuclear waste and other dangerous substances. 

The continuous depending on America and Europe for aid and financial support by African leaders have automatically given American and European leaders the freedom to escape the punishment of the crimes they have committed in Africa. But time changes, there will be a time Africa leaders will be of the type of Donald Trump to heal the continent and restore its glory.

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