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Sunday, January 8, 2017


Cologne-Germany: Dr. Wolff Geisler and Joel Savage Photo: Copyright reserved

Cologne-Germany: Dr. Wolff Geisler and Joel Savage
Photo: Copyright reserved

My search for medical truth forced me to make a journey to Germany. Like many writers, I will never doubt that there are some countries or people out there responsible for the deliberate spread of diseases or the use of diseases as bio-weapons against other people.

Neither George Bush nor Barack Obama will tell me the truth, so about seven months ago, I travelled to Maastricht, Holland, to see the scientist and micro-surgeon called Johan Van Dongen.

Dongen has written a perfect book about the use of the medical bio-weapons on Africans, resulting in thousands of death in the continent after over two decades of a research he made.

His country, the Netherlands, didn't take his publications likely. Considered as a whistle-blower, Dongen was subjected to many court proceedings, just because he has uncovered a secret plot of mass killing of Africans by medical bio-weapons, Aids, and Ebola.

"I lost everything, including my job as a lecturer at the university, but I did not lose my brain and my wife, who stood behind me," said Dongen. Majority carries the vote, so I don't want to depend on Dongen´s research alone, which claims Aids and Ebola were medical crimes.

Therefore, on Saturday, January 7, 2017, I travelled to Cologne, Germany, to hear the story of Wolff Geisler, the German doctor who wrote the book `Aids, Origin, Spread, And Healing. In his book, like Dongen, Geisler also revealed that Aids and Ebola were indeed bio-weapons orchestrated by the US government.

Geisler writes that after colonization Western Europe and America became desperate and still want more of Africa´s rich mineral resources. The only means to weaken Africa´s security and infrastructure, for easy access to carry on with their illegal and nefarious activities, is to paralyze Africa with deliberate disease spreading and infections, through water, food and contaminated vaccines. 

This is a case of accuracy because Belgium is responsible for the first case of Ebola which took place in the Congo, and Holland, Britain, America and France responsible for many diseases used as bio-weapons that swept through Africa before and after independence. They can't deny that because history reveals all those medical crimes which can't be hidden from the wise and the prudent. 

When it comes to education, Europe and America underestimate Africa and boast of high learned professionals, graduates, and academicians, serving various posts throughout America and Europe. But why much conspiracies surrounding the books of Dongen and Geisler, instead of recommendation? Because governments and politicians are not happy that the two medical writers have exposed them.

The soft-spoken doctor discussed much of his work in Africa. He was in many African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In Tanzania and Uganda, he investigated the use of Mycotoxins as bio-weapons in the countries.  

Also, it was in Uganda he recorded the deliberate spread of Aids by the British doctor, Wilson Carswell, who later fled the country for his life after the Ugandan government detected his crimes and destroyed his shoddy Aids research files and computer.

If Dr. Geisler is lying, why did Carswell fled from Uganda to South Africa and continued his deadly mission in that country too, by deliberately infecting South Africans with the HIV/Aids viruses? 

It's therefore, not a surprise, when on May 21, 1991, Dr. Wilson Carswell made the shocking announcement that 100,000 South Africans are infected with the Human-immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) because he has accomplished his assignment over there. 

Like George Bush and Tony Blair, if there is a genuine justice, Dr. Wilson Carlswell should have been in jail by now but the criminal now sits in his house enjoying impunity because the justice is raped throughout the whole world, including America.

How long can the American government and European leaders cover up those medical crimes and call Dongen and Geisler medical liars? That can never happen. It's only the ignorant and the morons will take or accept the blatant lies of World Health Organization, Center for Diseases and the American government.

Dr. Wolff Geisler showed me scientific medical records and archives over medical crimes by American and European scientists and military medical personnel. No one wants to be responsible for the continued decay of the society, yet they enjoy praise. 

The dead can not be mocked, including the victims of Aids and Ebola. Probably, the reason America and Europe are now restless without a solution to their endless problems. 

All the evidence of articles pertaining medical crimes and the deliberate spread of diseases in Africa, by Europe and America, submitted by Dr. Wolff Geisler, will be published periodically, so help me God.

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