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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Dr. Wolff Geisler, author of 'Aids, Origin, Spread, and Healing.'

Dr. Wolff Geisler, author of 'Aids, Origin, Spread, and Healing.'

Man proposes and God disposes they say. That's exactly what happened on January 7, when Johan Van Dongen and I decided to see Dr. Wolff Geisler in Cologne, Germany.

We were to drive together when the snow fell heavily in Antwerp, while the slippery frozen streets in Holland were giving us signs of warning. 

Eventually, scientist Johan Van Dongen cancelled the trip and I left alone by train from Antwerp. Even though we couldn't travel together, Johan still made efforts to interview Dr. Wolff Geisler online. Below are the excerpts from the interview.

Dongen: Geisler, I think I can raise over hundred questions because of your tremendous research about the origin of Aids and other diseases. What made you write about the origins and spread of this deadly disease?

Geisler: You are the master of your trade because you have worked on it for many years. You can't extract coffee from tea, even though many can easily be convinced that it can be done.

Dongen: On July 1, 2016, we launched the blog 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola.' We published a lot of your articles. What's opinion about our blog and what advice can you give us to improve it despite being one of the most widely read health blogs?

Geisler: The blog is a very good undertaking, unique worldwide. The matters discussed are well researched, and – seen from my specialist viewing – well understood.

Dongen: Our main goal is to use this opportunity to discuss every way of cooperation and to combine our knowledge to get the message about the real origin of Aids, Ebola and other diseases further to surface.

Geisler: As already discussed with Joel Savage, we should use another transporter to get the facts of intentional biowarfare killing into the heads, for example, slave trade which is known but its techniques are unknown. 

The killing of about 150 Million persons with for example, mycotoxins, Ebola virus, Cholera, in order to transport 12 Million to America, the mental changing of these survivors with for example, Borna-Virus into slaves and the killing of these slaves with long-term immunosuppressive retroviruses like EIAV (Equine Infections Anaemia Virus) after about 10 years. 

There is the technical possibility to have a private Talk-show with JVD, JS, WG perhaps others and 50 guests to be sent on Youtube.

Dongen: I believe we have similar experiences revealing that Aids is a bio-weapon or medical crime. How were you able to deal with the situation psychologically?

Geisler: The truth is like a medicine that heals. I am fine, I guess those psychologically worried are the deceivers.  

Dongen: It seems our message is not getting through. No impact yet. What do you think?

Geisler: The message has already created an impact. The reason the lies about the origins of Aids have reduced. The media supported them to lie, then suddenly quiet like the cemetery because they have been defeated.

Dongen: What's next if the message has already gone through?

Geisler: Time will tell. I can't predict.

Dongen: Are you willing to join us and write a book together in the future? 

Geisler: I would cooperate with pleasure.

Dongen: As I understand during my research at the time writing my books; I noticed Wolff you are interrogated by a certain security committee. If possible can you comment on that for a publication?

Geisler: There were boycotts, menaces, financial actions of the state. They can be reported later.

Dongen: During a certain period, I tried to reach you but couldn't connect because there wasn't much information to find you on the internet. Just shortly, to be precise on August 2, 2016, I appeared on Twitter and Facebook. 

I noticed lacking experience to use social media but with the tremendous help of Joel, I became involved worldwide. I managed to get 5000 friends on Facebook and over 2600 followers on Twitter within 4 months. 

So I think there is a great need for information about the origin of diseases. That is why I would like to ask you also to be involved with our blog.

Micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen, author of 'Plea for The Monkey, The Truth About AIDS And Other Viral Infections.'

Micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen, author of 'Plea for The Monkey, The Truth About AIDS And Other Viral Infections.'

Geisler: It is a privilege and a pleasure to join your efforts.

Dongen: Hopefully, Joel has taken the book of Upjohn with him because within you will notice the development of Severe Combined ImmunoDeficiency SCID. Perhaps you can comment on that to publish so we can point to Upjohn about the development of SCID because of vaccinations in a publication.

Geisler: At the time I cannot engage in another project, sorry.

Dongen: Within the same book, certain diseases can be connected to certain specific genetic patterns. Can you please comment on that?

Geisler: Not in “AIDS...” but in “Morde alle Jubeljahre,” (Murder All Jubilee Years) I described, that one specific genetic defect CCR5Deletion make the affected persons vulnerable to cancers, brain diseases, hemorrhagic diseases but it makes resistant against a pest, poxvirus, cholera, syphilis, and HIV-infection. 

It is in general eliminated after about 4 generations. And it becomes introduced again and again by a part of Jewish circumcisions, the “metzitza b’Peh.”

Dongen: In your book, 'Aids, Origin, Spread, and Healing,' you've indicated that the disease Aids can be cured. Why many medical journals write that Aids can't be cured?

Geisler: What was the reason the disease was used as bio-weapon?

Dongen: Geisler, thank you for taking your time to answer my questions. Based on our conversation I can't wait to see you with Joel if my first attempt failed because of the weather.

Geisler: You are always welcome.

Wolff Geisler's "Murder all Jubilee years" in German version
Morde alle Jubeljahre: Urheber und Methoden von Massenmorden

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