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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Actress Angelina Jolie hugs a child suffering from Nodding syndrome

Actress Angelina Jolie hugs a child suffering from Nodding syndrome

The lack of good medical facilities and unhealthy environments have led to many sicknesses in Africa, but there are many diseases which were deliberately manufactured in the labs and tested as bio-weapons in Africa.

Long before the White man set foot in Africa, the natives were immune to their surroundings and survived many diseases. The White men couldn't survive, they were killed in thousands by malaria, leading to the second name of Africa as the 'White man's grave.'

Europeans and Americans are not motivated to learn how Africans survive in the hard living tropical Africa, instead, for no apparent reasons or probably to depopulate the continent they used Africans as Guinea pigs to test deadly medicines and bio-weapons.

Medicines sent to Africa to heal were of inferior quality. Vaccines meant to cure, rather worsened health conditions. The ultimate result is what we see now as Aids, Ebola, Nodding syndrome, polio, Burkitt's lymphoma, and hundreds of other deadly and deformity viruses which have taken its toll on Africans.

The media never expose those responsible for the deadly viruses in Africa and refused to publish the truth. Only few that care about the destruction of humanity have been able to point finger at the American government for using medical bio-weapons in Third World Countries. 

A lot of sweet articles have been published about Dr. Wilson Carswell, a British medical adviser to the government’s Aids unit. According to Carswell, about 100,000 South Africans are infected with HIV, yet no newspaper has mentioned that he played a role in deliberate Aids infection in Uganda and South Africa.

Dr. Wolff Geisler revealed in his book that the Ugandan government suspected Carswell deliberate infections and shortly afterward, unknown people ransacked the house of the leading Aids-research scientist in Uganda and destroyed his computer together with all the Aids files.

Carswell, a member of the British armed forces escaped with his life, after a short stay with his commissioners in Porton Down, Great Britain, he was able to start up again as head of the Aids unit of the Department of National Health and Population Development in South Africa. 

Surprisingly, no newspaper in the world published what Dr. Carswell did in Uganda and South Africa, after his escape. This evidence is enough for everyone to know how corrupt the World Health Organization, Centers for Diseases Control and the mainstream media is. The more corrupt they are the more dangerous this world is or becoming.

A recent article I read about the Nodding syndrome is "It starts with the nodding otherwise; normal children begin to nod their heads, pathologically. Then come the seizures. The children stop growing and stop talking. Ultimately, the disease wrecks the children, physically and mentally. Investigators at the Centers for Disease Control in Prevention in Atlanta have made the syndrome among their top priorities on the short list of new, unexplained outbreaks."

"Investigators at the Centers for Disease Control in Prevention in Atlanta have made the syndrome among their top priorities on the short list of new, unexplained outbreaks." Who are they fooling when World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control knew perfectly well that Nodding syndrome is a bio-weapon used in Uganda?

In fact, people are sick and tired of this hypocrisy and lies because they are not helping this world in any way. Why the media brand every deliberate man-made disease used on Africans as a strange disease? If they lack wisdom and knowledge they should ask God, just as Solomon did because it's a total disgrace to write such stupid articles which only portray them as morons.

Western Europe and the American government have done many cruel and criminal things against Africa, yet Africans always pray for them when struck by any calamity. The whole world including Africa wept bitterly for the 9/11victims and those caught up in terrorism in France, Belgium, and Germany but no one has tears for Africa.

Today, Sunday, January 1, 2017, begins a new year. What lessons have politicians and world leaders learned from the past mistakes they did? Is WHO, CDC, United Nations, International Criminal Court, going to continue with the same discrimination, lies, and hypocrisy? 

If they are to continue with their lies then they should fasten their seat belt well, because what we have witnessed in the past is just the tip of the iceberg. A good government thrives on honesty, not lies and hypocrisy. No one lives forever, everyone including the rich and the poor will bite the dust.

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