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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Mr. Bart Auman, the racist manager at the Mercedez-Benz, Herentals, Belgium, whose hate inspired him to sack Mr. Daniel Sackey while on sick leave.

Mr. Bart Auman, the racist manager at the Mercedez-Benz, Herentals, Belgium, whose hate inspired him to sack Mr. Daniel Sackey while on sick leave.

Investigation reveals Bart Auman of Mercedes-Benz conspired with medical officials to cover up Mr. Daniel Sackey's injury

The rapid change of the world has improved the bitter and ugly conditions of the black man. However, in some places, the situation remains the same or at a very slow pace. Belgium could possibly be one of them.

It would be recalled that last year November 1, an article entitled 
EIGHT YEARS AFTER HARD WORK AT MERCEDES-BENZ - TAC: HERENTALS, HIS WORK WAS TERMINATED WHILE ON SICK LEAVE about one Mr. Daniel Sackey, who worked at the Mercedes-Benz company in Herentals, Belgium.

As a manager of an automobile garage, Mr. Bart Auman should have known the specific weight of objects a man or forklift has to lift up. But his incompetence and racial hatred embedded in him as a manager, towards Mr. Daniel Sackey, an employee working there years before Mr. Auman was employed, allowed him to ask some of the employees including Mr. Sackey to lift up an object that weighs between 80 to 90 kilograms, while the specific weight for a human to carry is 25 kilograms.

After his injury in 2011, Mr. Sackey received CT scans and Dr. Ostyn Bart referred him to Dr. Seuntjes Lieve, who set the detail of his injury in her computer for Mr. Sackey to see the hip bone dislocation and explained everything about his injury. Further on, she made an appointment for Mr. Sackey to see the 'Orthepedisch Manuele Therapie,' 18 times, for hip bone massage.

With all this taking place, Mr. Sackey's sick leave was extended again and again.The same Dr. Seuntjes Lieve, sent a letter to Mr. Sackey to be given to Mr. Bart Auman, for him to see the company's doctor De Brucker Bruno, from 'Mensura,' responsible for the surveillance for workers health conditions, with the CT scans in 2011, for an advice. But to his surprise, Dr. Brucker Bruno refused to see the CT scans on the on June 20, 2011, at 11:32 am. 

Dr. Bruno rather told Mr. Sackey that in 10 days he will receive a definitive decision, unknowing Mr. Bart Auman has already conceived a plan and arranged with the company's doctor not to approve Mr. Sackey's injury, just to avoid the compensation. 

This wasn't enough for Mr. Bart Auman, again he terminated Mr. Sackey's appointment while on sick leave and recovering. This is an unlawful act since there is no Belgian labour law which requests someone on sick leave for his appointment to be terminated.

If one hates someone, there is nothing the victim could do to please the one that hates you. Mr. Bart Auman is simply a racist who hates Mr. Daniel Sackey. We have thousands of such people in Belgium. The reason there is a statue of King Leopold II, in Brussels, after killing over ten million Africans, including women and children, while there is no statue of Hitler for committing a similar crime. 

Thus, all Mr. Bart Auman wants is an opportunity to get rid of Mr. Daniel Sackey from the company, then his injury gave him the chance he has been looking for.

Mr. Sackey was twice invited by the doctors of 'Christelijke Mutualiteten Antwerpen,' for a medical checkup. After, a letter was handed over to him indicating a strong warning not to attempt to lift up a heavy object for medical reasons on January 23, 2012. Before then, none of the doctors at 'ZNA Middelheim Hospital' want to make any recommendation or confirm the hip bone injury in writing or on paper, although they can clearly see the damage on the CT scans in 2011.

Throughout 2011, Mr. Sackey was seeing his house doctors regularly for medication against the unbearable pain and periodically he had headaches before his case went to court with one lawyer called Dominique Mbog. On the first day sitting which Mr. Sackey was present, the judges asked the lawyer who was representing TAC Verkoopdienst Herentals N V, (Bart Auman) the pictures of the metal box that caused Mr. Sackey's injury.

After the picture was presented to the court, Mr. Sackey's lawyer assured his client that he will win his case due to what transpired. The weight of the metal box wasn't indicated on the paper with the exception of the width and the height.They were asked to go and the court will deliver the outcome.

 After some time, Mr. Sackey's lawyer requested him to come to his office and he handed him some papers. In the documents, Mr. Sackey found out a lot of false documentations and statements in the copies from the insurance company.

Firstly, the weight of the metal box was missing, secondly, there was an omission. Mr. Sackey's height is 1.60 cm but his height has been forged to be 1.70 cm to suit their demand.  Finally, the expertise went to the garage to meet with Bart Auman, Anja, at the personal service, and Bruyninckx, the group's leader, to obtain incorrect information from them but one of the employees who really like Mr. Sackey give him every information at home.

In the picture, is the width of 20 centimeters and a height of 30 centimeters but Mr. Bart Auman deleted the weight of the box to avoid trouble and the compensation?  Above the picture is 'Waar is het gewicht?' meaning 'Where is the weight?

Evidence of medical fraud presented to court: This is the heavy metal box that caused Mr. Sackey's injury. In the picture, is the width of 20 centimeters and a height of 30 centimeters but Mr. Bart Auman deleted the weight of the box to avoid trouble and the compensation?  Above the picture is 'Waar is het gewicht?' meaning 'Where is the weight?

Justice is something that should favour everyone, whether black, white or Chinese, unfortunately, it discriminates in Belgium. Like many countries, Belgium is one of the countries with corrupt judiciary system. 

I can vividly remember when a Belgium lawyer deceived one of my friends, David, that he could get him a Belgium passport, while he was in the process as a refugee. Stupid and ignorant, David gave him the 1000 Euros he requested and at the end he was totally disappointed just as I told him from the initial stages.

Integration is very poor in Belgium to the extent that the country is divided between the Walloon and the Flemish. The question that arises is how could they love a foreigner if they don't have the love for themselves? 

Crimes committed against foreigners never find its way in the Belgium newspapers and a foreigner, especially, an African, hardly wins a case, so many unscrupulous Belgians have taken it as an opportunity to cheat, commit fraud and petty crimes against foreigners with impunity.

Belgium has demonstrated to Africans that they are valueless. The evidence is Leopold's statue which is constantly reminding us. This has given Africans the common sense to fight for ourselves or seek for the right justice with blood, sweat, and tears. 

And we shall continue to fight for that justice which is our right but has been stolen from us by people, including lawyers who swear on the Bible but do the opposite of what the Bible requires of them. 

From the time Mr. Sackey got his injury, some of the doctors falsified information pertaining his injury. Along the line, the right doctor who was interested in his case requested for his medical file to be sent to him but it took almost two months before he received the file, even though the previous doctor he contacted said he has already sent the file. It's hard to believe that such things could happen in Belgium, yet Europe criticizes Africa of corruption. 

This is one of the reasons we created this blog to share the bitter experiences of Africans or publish articles the Belgian newspapers will never publish. In Deurne, a community in Antwerp, his former doctors subjected him to different kinds of lab test, including cancer and skin diseases to cover up the hip injury but all prove negative. The last blood test was in June 2016, and he was told that: "It is for the prevention of any disease in the future."

The looking for medical blame to avoid the company Mr. Bart Auman is serving to compensate Mr. Daniel Sackey went on without ceasing. Thus, after the blood test, he was in another facility for injection against tetanus and hepatitis B. What a corrupt country Belgium is, including some doctors and lawyers? 

Finally, despite the injections and all the blood tests Mr. Sackey had, the result was negative, yet the corrupt Dr. Seuntjes Lieve told Mr. Sackey that: "It is in books and they can find that Mr. Sackey has medical problems a long time." It was at that point Mr. Sackey nearly lost his temper but he was able to control himself.

Nobody is born to be a criminal but the bitter experience and the influence of bad people can change a good person to become a monster overnight. This is the case of Mr. Daniel Sackey. The strong religious God-fearing man, often says some things I knew he would never say. 

Denied of justice, Mr. Sackey went as far as the Royal Palace in Brussels, to let the Royal Family know about his case. He was stopped without entering and assured his case would be looked into but nothing was done.

Without any provocation, in the year 2006, a Belgian student, Hans Van Themsche, bought a 500 Euros rifle and went on the spree to kill foreigners. He shot three killing two. He is now serving a life sentence. 

Nothing will put Mr. Daniel Sackey on the pressure to do such an evil thing that Hans Van Themsche did but he will continue to fight for justice as long as his injury has rendered him powerless in many things which previously were easy for him to do.

Mr. Daniel Sackey has been in Belgium for over thirty years, yet he was told he had the sickness before coming to Belgium

Mr. Daniel Sackey has been in Belgium for over thirty years, yet he was told he had the sickness before coming to Belgium

The media every year shows the documentary crime of Adolf Hitler, against the Jews, just to portray the Germans as evil people but no documentary film is shown about Leopold II, for his crimes in Africa, including the massacre of over ten million people and the amputation of the legs and limbs of children and women.

That is the corrupt and injustice world we are living, the reason nothing is getting on better, yet they are not ready to change their deceitful and corrupt ways because the bad heart in their chest doesn't allow them to know the right from wrong but in God, we shall trust for our sweet revenge and judgment.

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