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Monday, January 9, 2017


Cologne-Germany: Dr. Wolff Geisler at his office Photo by Joel Savage/Johan Van Dongen Copyright reserved

Cologne-Germany: Dr. Wolff Geisler at his office
Photo by Joel Savage/Johan Van Dongen Copyright reserved

Dr. Wolff Geisler is a medical writer and author of the books, 'Murder All Jubilee Years and Aids, Origin, Spread, And Healing.' In this article, he shares his experience after publishing the latter which exposes global medical crimes and the deliberate spread of diseases, including HIV/Aids in Africa, under the nose of the World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases Control.  

The book states, that the main spread of HIV/AIDS is not infecting by sexual intercourse. According to the book, 97% of persons infected up to now with HIV have been intentionally infected: by transmission in bathhouses and in drinking water via microbes (Giardia lamblia) containing the virus, by medical measures, and by insects (Aedes aegypti). 

Only 3% were infected by natural events, for example, by intercourse or as babies by their mothers. The agents causing AIDS are said to be aimed to infect dark-skinned people in countries in Africa, in the USA, in the Caribbean including Cuba as well as homosexual men and persons using intravenous drugs.

According to the book HIV has been developed out of the Virus of Infectious Anemia of Horses (EIAV) by biological warfare research in Germany and Japan till 1945 and by the continuation in the USA.

A military connection of agents causing AIDS diseases is said, to be indicated among others even by names: Cryptosporidium wrairi (Walter Reed Army Institute for Medical Research), Isospora belli (of the war).
41 quoted scientific articles naming many examples of healing are said, to prove the claim regarding the inescapable, fatal nature of AIDS to be wrong. Instructions and recommendations for treatment and therapy complete the work.

The book is based exclusively on medical findings. These were obtained among others from 1,970 quoted scientific articles over the period of 1843 to 1994.

Study on AIDS by the author since 1983, with fact-finding tours in 1991 to Uganda and in 1993 to Uganda again and to Cuba. Research and production of the book without public funding, support from companies, institutions or any other external financing.

The book was presented to the public at the Zimbabwe International Book Fair, Harare August 1994. Below are the some of the comments the book generated


All in all, I wish to congratulate the courageous German doctor, Wolff Geisler, for editing a book on AIDS that uncovers most of the ‘inconvenient’ scientific reports which refute many statements and rules settled by the ‘international AIDS establishment’ besides supplying the readers with the largest bibliographic list on AIDS and enabling them to have their own judgement on the mentioned ‘establishment’.” 

Ricardo Veronesi, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo, Honorary President, Brazilian Society for Infectious Diseases, W.H.O. Consultant (Bacterial Diseases), in the foreword.

I find the contents of the book quite intriguing.Professor J.O. Midiwo, Editor, The Journal of the Kenya Chemical Society, Nairobi, Kenya, 10 June 1994.

It is indeed food for thought ... Keep up the good work and maintain your courage.Dr. P.K. Runyowa, MB. Ch.B(Birm) Msc. (Lond), Harare, Zimbabwe, 22 June 1994.

I have read the work and am not prepared to go into details. The following statements sum up my commentary:

-      the work is a result of great diligence in terms of the comprehensive collection of current writings on HIV and AIDS but misinterprets them terribly.

-      the work either fails to recognize or twists the decisive facts of epidemiology, virology, clinic and therapy of the HIV infections.

-      the work is based on a preconceived, but ungrounded opinion and is an attempt to interpret the vast existing literature in this light.

-      the work is misleading, against better judgment and thus most unscientific.

-      the work is not worth publishing.

Dr. Geisler, I am dismayed that you deliberately wish to mislead your readers and dish up dangerous lies. In the event that this work is published in any form whatsoever, I shall see to it that it will be condemned for the reasons already given.” Professor Dr. K. Fleischer, Head Department for Tropical Diseases, Missionsärztliche Klinik, Würzburg, Germany, 26 June 1994.

I tremendously enjoy reading it and I will be happy to distribute copies.Dr. M.E. Chitiyo, M.B., CH.B.(Natal), D.C.P.(London), D. Path.(Eng.), Consultant Pathologist, Medical Laboratories, Harare, Zimbabwe, 28 June 1994.

“... the book is much educative .. we honour and appreciate your efforts to produce and disseminate such material.” Director Institute of Development Studies, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, signed H.H. Semkiwa, 20 July 1994.

„ is inconceivable that anyone who had done serious research into the Aids crisis can make the irresponsible and totally baseless charges made by the author (Geisler) of Aids: Origin, Spread, and Healing.” Embassy of the USA, Harare, Zimbabwe, 05 Aug 1994.

I have gone through it with a lot of interest. It makes a very interesting reading, especially as the questions raised have up till now not received convincing answers. The book has provided a plausible insight into some of these.Dr. Mathew Atem Aduol, College of Medicine, Dean’s Office, University of Juba, Khartoum, Sudan, 07 Aug 1994.

I wish to congratulate you on your book ... I have worked with EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia), for almost thirty years...” Robert J. Tashjian, V.M.D., Animal Medical Center, West Boylston, MA, USA, 01 Oct 1994.

Basing on your data on the possible evolutionary linking of HIV1 and EIAV I immediately carried out the comparison of their primary genomic sequences. This comparison proved the high homology extent between their genomes....”. Dr. Vladimir M. Blinov, Head of the Laboratory of Theoretical Biology and Virology, Institute of Molecular Biology, Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, Russia, 02 Dec 1994.

“We would also like to congratulate you on your very interesting research findings... We hope that as our readers get exposed to this knowledge they will be reacting and communicating with you or in the Public media.” R.M. Mwayi, Principal Librarian, for Director of Library Services, Public Libraries Board, Kampala, Uganda, 24 Jan 1995.

„...evil cynicism ... chutzpa...“ Dipl. Psychologe Frank, Kreis Stormarn, Gesundheitsamt - AIDS- und Sexualberatung, Bad Oldesloe, Germany, 10 Feb 1995.

“... a challenging masterpiece.” Dr. J.W. Pfumojena MB, CHB (Birmingham), MRCP (UK), Mutare, Zimbabwe, 30 May 1995.

You are a criminal.“ Peter Ripken, Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany, the contact person at Zimbabwe International Book Fair, Harare, Zimbabwe, 31 Jul 1995.

“... congratulate you for a good job and wish you all success...” E.O. Auma for SDDMS/Head-National Public Health Laboratory Service, Ministry of Health, Nairobi, Kenya, 13 Jun 1994.

Author: Wolff Geisler, *1941. Study of medicine in Köln, Kiel, and Göttingen; graduation in Aachen.General practitioner in Köln, author of –“The military support of the Federal Republic of Germany for the colonial wars of Portugal in Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique”, (1973)

“The contribution of the Federal Republic of Germany for the conventional and nuclear military capacity of South Africa,” in Ostrowsky, Geisler, eds. “South Africa, racism, imperialism and liberation struggle”, Köln 1978; –of seven articles on the German OTRAG rocket activities in Zaire in “Informationsdienst Südliches Afrika”, 1978/1979/ 1980.

Dr. Wolff Geisler is the only citizen from the Federal Republic of Germany being personally invited in 1975, by Frelimo at the ceremony of independence of Mozambique. 

And six times witnessing as an expert on the military, especially nuclear-military, deliveries from the Federal Republic of Germany to South Africa before committees of United Nations and once before German parliament (Deutscher Bundestag).

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