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Monday, January 30, 2017


Dr. Wolff Geisler at his studio in Cologne, Germany

Dr. Wolff Geisler at his studio in Cologne, Germany

After meeting scientist Johan Van Dongen, we planned to make this health blog and we chose the name 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola' because both diseases were medical genocides. It wasn't long when a medical doctor, Wolff Geisler, from Germany, whose articles have provided an immense information about medical crimes and biological agents on this health blog, also joined us.

According to the World Health Organization, since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 70 million people have been infected with the HIV virus and about 35 million people have died of HIV. Globally, 36.7 million [34.0–39.8 million] people were living with HIV at the end of 2015. 

How great and pleasant it would have been if the whole world knew from the initial stages that the World Health Organization and the Centers for Diseases Control are partly responsible for the rapid spread of Aids which has taken millions of people unexpectedly and prematurely into their untimely graves?

In the year 2015 alone, over one million people died of Aids-related illnesses globally. In a sane world, this should have sparked protest worldwide, demanding answers from WHO. For example, HIV, the virus causing Aids, is said to be transferred in semen and blood and to have originated from Africa, thus; why has HIV not depopulated Africa at an earlier stage or spread earlier to the colonizer countries of Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, and Portugal?

If the truth of the origin of Aids was a significant issue to everyone, the World Health Organization and Centers for Diseases and Control would have been in a serious trouble today because the two medical establishments are professional liars. Again if the search for the truth of the origins had been taken seriously many lives would have been saved.

Aids and other man-made diseases are continuously killing people worldwide, yet we don't see any demonstration or protest, instead, the giant medical establishments continue to suppress information about Aids and other deadly diseases, such as Ebola because they were bio-weapons medically engineered by the American government.

The efforts of saving this world from those deadly diseases are now the task of some independent researchers, a few working in the medical field and writers. It was like a dream when the German doctor and author of the book 'Aids, Origin, Spread, and Healing, Dr. Wolff Geisler, joined us this week as one of the writers' of this blog.

Dr. Wolff Geisler, one of the independent leading doctors to expose the deliberate spread of diseases and the use of Africans for medical experiments

Dr. Wolff Geisler, one of the independent leading doctors to expose the deliberate spread of diseases and the use of Africans for medical experiments

Geisler writes that after colonization Western Europe and America became desperate and still want more of Africa´s rich mineral resources. The only means to weaken Africa´s security and infrastructure, for easy access to carry on with their illegal and nefarious activities, is to paralyze Africa with deliberate disease spreading and infections, through water, food, and contaminated vaccines.

This is a case of accuracy because Belgium is responsible for the first case of Ebola which took place in the Congo, and Holland, Britain, America and France responsible for many diseases used as bio-weapons that swept through Africa before and after independence. They can't deny that because history reveals all those medical crimes which can't be hidden from the wise and the prudent.

Geisler did extensive research in Africa. He was in many African countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. In Tanzania and Uganda, he investigated the use of Mycotoxins as bio-weapons in the countries. 

The deliberate spread of Aids virus in Uganda

It was in Uganda he recorded the deliberate spread of Aids by the British doctor, Wilson Carswell, who later fled the country for his life after the Ugandan government detected his crimes and destroyed his shoddy Aids research files and computer.

If Dr. Geisler is lying, why did Carswell fled from Uganda to South Africa and continued his deadly mission in that country too, by deliberately infecting South Africans with the HIV/Aids viruses?

It's therefore, not a surprise, when on May 21, 1991, Dr. Wilson Carswell made the shocking announcement that 100,000 South Africans are infected with the Human-Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) because he had accomplished his assignment over there.

The previous writers of the blog 'Secrets of Aids, Ebola, Zika virus, and other man-made diseases,' started with contents based on Johan Van Dongen and Wolff Geisler’s research, Joel Savage and selected writers, therefore, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Wolff Geisler on board the platform of the medical truth.

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