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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (Credit: Salon/Benjamin Wheelock/AP)

If Donald Trump says America is corrupt and Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt person ever, then it's easy for him to say that African leaders are corrupt because corruption is 'manufactured' in Africa

Donald Trump promised to get rid of corruption if he wins. This is because he is aware that America is infested with the corruption virus. Trump further said that Hillary Clinton is the "most corrupt person ever" to contest for US presidency and said her election to the White House would trigger an unmatched constitutional crisis in the US. He has now won the elections. 

Trump branding his country corrupt means he has no room to accommodate corrupt African leaders if he takes office because years after independence swept through Africa, corrupt African leaders have shown their incompetence and continue depending on European and American leaders.

According to Trump, "African leaders oppress their people. He said further that African leaders are greedy and do not care about the people. African leaders can't lead by example and only interested in accumulating wealth from poor taxpayers." 

Is Donald Trump right? Imagine decades after independence swept through Africa, the continent's development remains stagnant with the lack of drinking water, health facilities, underground drainage systems etc, despite the vast natural resources the continent has.  

In another development, one senator Gershom Bassey of PDP-Cross River South, Nigeria, lamented over Trump's calling Africans as lazy fools and only good for love making (making children). The truth is every European or American leader can say anything they like about Africa because we deserve it. The leaders gave them the chance to do so.

What do African leaders and Africans expect to hear when the entire African continent was inflicted with man-made diseases such as Aids and Ebola, yet no African leader is brave enough to ask America any questions while thousands of people are dying of Aids every day? 

Donald Trump sad over the state of Africa said, "Africans should be recolonized because Africans are still under slavery." That's true, slavery will only come to an end if Africa stops the corruption and the begging of food and money from Europe and America. Africa has a lot to sustain the continent and create jobs for the poor people.

On corruption, Trump said that all the money that the US government is investing in Africa is a waste because corruption is rampant. This provoked a lot of African leaders even though his statement is nothing but the truth.

The African media shouldn't begin to generate hatred for Trump, instead, they should understand him for hating African leaders because they have totally disappointed Africans. After hours in the hot sun to cast votes Africans are neglected like stray dogs without common water to drink in many parts of Africa. 

A thirsty African child drinks polluted water

A thirsty African child drinks polluted water

What do you expect Trump to say when he is aware that Africans are suffering, yet the leaders deposit monies at foreign banks? What do you expect Trump to say despite Africa's diamond, gold, tin, bauxite, copper and valuable agricultural products, the continent remains one of the poorest in the world?

Proverb 12:1, says "Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge but whoever hates correction is stupid." Thus, do we have to say that African leaders hate correction the reason Africa can't progress? Frankly speaking, it's clear that Trump has no room to accommodate corrupt African politicians, and should, therefore, use the state money to develop their countries. 


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