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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Left, the writer, Joel Savage examines Mr. Daniel Sackey's documents pertaining his injury and his former company

Left, the writer, Joel Savage examines Mr. Daniel Sackey's documents pertaining his injury and his former company

On November 1, 2016, an article captionedEIGHT YEARS AFTER HARD WORK AT MERCEDES-BENZ - TAC: HERENTALS, HIS WORK WAS TERMINATED WHILE ON SICK LEAVE’ was published on the blog ‘Secrets of Aids, Ebola, Zika, and other man-made diseases. 

The management of the blog finds the article very important to publish because in Antwerp, or Belgium generally crime and frauds against Africans are never seen anywhere in the Belgium newspapers because the nationals are above the law and the law doesn't favour Africans because of the colour even if they are right.

The lack of publication pertaining crime and frauds against Africans in Belgium newspapers is taken as an opportunity by some Belgians, including employers, lawyers and landlords to commit frauds against Africans with impunity.  It happened to me in Belgium and Holland. This is one of the reasons we created this blog to publish articles other media wouldn't.

Mr. Daniel Nee Sackey, a Ghanaian professional auto-mechanic, living in Antwerp, was an employee of TAC Naverkoopdienst, now known as TAC, Herentals N.V, in Belgium, a company that deals with spare parts, vehicles, including the Mercedes-Benz,  from 2004 till 2012, while on sick leave for hip injury his appointment was terminated by one of the managers, Bart Auman. Link:

Mr. Daniel Sackey contacted a Belgian lawyer who failed to handle his case and also contacted two Belgian journalists. They told him that they are not interested in his case. That is the definition of an African in Antwerp. 

I investigated Mr. Sackey’s case and immediately realized that the cause of Mr. Bart Auman's action was racially motivated, moreover, there is no law in Belgium that demands the termination of one's contract while on sick leave. Every letter from his doctor was given to Mr. Auman, so he knew Mr. Sackey was recovering. But he terminated his appointment before he resumed work.

Mr. Sackey got the injury at work but since the company wasn't ready to compensate him, Mr. Auman, inspired by hate has to find a plan to eliminate Mr. Sackey from the company. A company which Mr. Sackey had served five years earlier before Mr. Auman was employed and he abused his power and got Mr. Sackey sacked.

According to Mr. Sackey, Mr. Auman sent one of his colleagues to tell him that he (Mr. Auman) doesn't want to see Mr. Sackey's presence in the garage because he has no regard for his skin or him as an African. I refused to add the name of the one who gave the message to Mr. Sackey because he was a very good man, according to Mr. Sackey.

I believed Mr. Sackey's story because I live in a country where there isn't any statue of Hitler for killing six million Jews but there is a statue of Leopold II, for killing over ten million Africans, including women and children in Congo, Africa. How long can this go on in a civilized world?

Mr. Bart Auman's lawyer writes to Joel Savage

The publication about Mr. Auman’s racist acts, cheating and unfair treatment against Mr. Sackey took him by surprise. He thought the best thing to do is to contact his lawyer, Mr. B. Bailey. Therefore, on November 10, 2016, I received a mail from his lawyer. Below is the contents of the mail. 

Your reference: Daniel Sackey 

My reference No: 946985 Bart Auman/advice
Dear Sir, 

I am the usual counsel of Mr. Bart Auman. He handed over your mail with the attachment and web link of your publication on (DD. 01/11/2016.)

On the said date, you published the article "Eight years after hard work his work was terminated while on sick leave" on the website  The content of this article is not only incorrect, but also my client regards it as defamatory, which is Libel and is punishable in articles 443 and 444 of the Belgian Penal Code.

It is a crime if a person is accused of something malicious to affect his honour or exposed to public scorn without proof is imparted from the voiced recriminations. On the grounds of slander are prison sentences ranging from 8 days to 1 year and fines of € 156 to € 5,200. The tone of your article is particularly aggressive.

You blamed my client and accused him as a racist. Moreover, you have no evidence of what your claim and you didn't contact my client to speak with him. His reputation is harmed, which is a breach of the above-mentioned articles of law.

You should immediately take the defamatory article offline before Monday 14/11/2016, on behalf of my client without any additional criminal complaint notice or the demand of compensation. 

I am sending a copy of this letter I wrote over to the Flemish Association for journalists you claim to be a member. With best regards, b. BAILEY.

Journalist Joel Savage's answer to lawyer 


I am not one of the stupid Africans walking around in Antwerp aimlessly if  you think you can easily threaten with your mail. In Belgium is a statue of a king who killed over ten million Africans. That means the Royal family and the Belgian government support crime. This is what you should deal with. 

I am not a stranger to Bart De Wever, the mayor of Antwerp, I wrote to him, the Belgium prime minister and Queen Mathilde recently to break down the statue of Leopold II. You said, you want to give a copy of your letter to the Flemish Journalists Association, I will encourage you to do that. 

Finally, I will publish your letter then inform you after publication, after that you can write to me to appear in court. I will come without a lawyer to defend myself and at the end, I will walk free home.

The Writer's opinion

Both Mr. Bart Auman and his lawyer B. Bailey can't threaten the writer Joel Savage with legal actions. We don't encourage crime the reason we publish articles the media that encourages crime wouldn't. Mr. Bart Auman knew no Belgian newspaper will publish Mr. Sackey's story the reason he did that to him. The article is published and it shall not be removed from the web. 

If Mr. Bart Auman and his lawyer aren't satisfied with the publication, then I am ready to appear in court anytime and anywhere without a lawyer to defend me. If they have any case to settle they should contact Mr. Daniel Sackey, not me. The menace in our society can no longer be tolerated. 

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