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Tuesday, November 1, 2016


What better way to keep the doctor away?  A warm mug of apple cider is recommended

What better way to keep the doctor away?  A warm mug of apple cider is recommended

In a society that many are pagans or don't believe in the Gospel, articles pertaining God are taken for granted, yet we decided to share this article about people who have been healed or had experience with the unseen spirit (God). 

In 1983, the Holy Spirit of God revealed in the following transcript what we know as cancer is in fact, seven different types of fungus. God was asked whether the following information from Spirit is valid: {"For the greatest bane of the cancers here to you I give the answer - ketone. 

For the prevention of cancer, use the mind, but to reassure yourself in the mortal mind take three teaspoons of vinegar once a day, any time, any day. For the cure of the ravage (cancer), the destruction of pain, take three teaspoons a day (of vinegar), three times anytime, anyway". 

And he asks the question: "How soon will the cure be detected?"" From one day to the next, but there will be complete and total remission of all traces of the disease within three days." And he asks: "How does this work?" And it responded: "For every action, there is a reaction. 

You should know this from your friend and mine, - A. Einstein. The disease is an action of a mold type fungus. The acidic acid reacts against this fungus by reversal of the growth tissues it has fed upon. It literally starves to death. Since it must feed constantly, the destruction of this fungus is quick."}

The Holy Spirit of God: "This Awareness indicates that this is valid in most cases, to a degree. This Awareness indicates that most of what is called cancer are in fact a fungus. This Awareness indicates it appears there are approximately seven different types of fungus which are diagnosed as cancer. 

This Awareness indicates that the use of vinegar as that which, (this particularly apple cider vinegar), has been effective in the treatment and the remission of many of these types of fungus. This Awareness indicates that it will depend on the stage of the condition and the general immunity system of the individual, whether the individual has the recuperative powers to recover with the assistance of the vinegar. 

This Awareness indicates also high doses of Vitamin C, the use of lemon and other anti-oxidants as has been given by this Awareness in past readings. These also are of great benefit in countering these fungus types. 

This Awareness indicates that there are many types of cancer, and many causes and much of this is a psychological condition, caused by free radicals within the system that has an effect on the metabolism, creating a dissolving of the immunity system to allow these fungi, and other elements to grow in a destructive manner within the tissue. 

This Awareness indicates there are many ways whereby cancer can be cured. There are many ways whereby cancer can remain incurable, depending largely on the type and the progression of the cancer. 

This Awareness indicates that this does, however, appear to be reaching a time wherein even though much-vested interest prevents a single publicized common cure for all types of cancer, there are still increasing numbers of entities being cured of cancer, wherein the past, many of these would have died." Note: Apple cider vinegar damages tooth enamel.


1. Induction of apoptosis in human leukemia cells by naturally fermented sugar cane vinegar (kibitz) of Amami Ohshima Island. Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Engineering, University of Yamanashi, Kofu, Japan.

Study Results: Naturally fermented vinegar such as Kibizu (sugar cane vinegar in Amami Ohshima, Japan), Kurozu (black rice vinegar in Kagoshima, Japan), Kouzu (black rice vinegar in China) and red wine vinegar in Italy had potent radical-scavenging activity analyzed by DPPH method. 

For the elucidation of food factor for cancer prevention contained in naturally fermented vinegar, the induction of apoptosis in human leukemia cell HL-60 was investigated with sugar cane vinegar Kibizu. 

The fraction eluted by 40% methanol from Amberlite XAD 2 chromatography of sugar cane vinegar showed potent radical scavenging activity. The fraction also showed the activity repressing the growth of typical human leukemia cells such as HL-60, THP-1, Molt-4, U-937, Jurkat, Raji and K-562. On the other hand, the fraction did not have any growth inhibition activity against human fetal lung cell TIG-1.

The most potent radical scavenging activity and the growth repression activity of the leukemia cell were observed in the same chromatographic fraction of methanol 40%. 

From cell sorting FACS analyses, electron microscopic observations and cytochemical staining of chromatin and nuclear segments in human leukemia cell HL-60 treated with the active fraction, it was concluded that apoptosis was induced in the leukemia cell by the fraction of sugar cane vinegar and resulted in the repression of growth of the human leukemia cells. 

The chromatographic fraction of sugar cane juice eluted by 20% methanol showed potent activities of radical-scavenging and growth repression of HL-60. 

These results led us the consideration that active components in sugar cane juice could be converted to more lipophilic compounds with activity to induce apoptosis in HL-60 by microbial  fermentation with yeast and acetic acid bacteria.


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