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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The HIV virus was developed from the virus of infectious anaemia of horses

The HIV virus was developed from the virus of infectious anaemia of horses

Descendant of the subfamily lentiviruses of the family of retroviruses-HIV is closest to the Virus of Infectious Anaemia of Horses, an old biological weapon from horse to human. 

Experiments with the EIAV derivative Maedi-Visna , biological weapon research by Japan, Aids experiments on dogs, monkeys, and children.

Human Immunodeficiency viruses in monkeys and apish immunodeficiency viruses in human beings, HIV mystery of unity in variety distribution of HIV connected with HTLV-I.

Together with the occurrence of Aids, a vehement debate on the origin of the causing agent started. Is this a new or old virus? What is the relationship of HIV to other viruses? At what point  in time was the first HIV-infection provable?

Could Aids also strike without HIV-infection? Did the causing agent escape from genetic laboratory by mistake or was it deliberately put into circulation? In view of the inadequate knowledge of medicine and biology both on the part of the population and the media, it was easy for spreaders of disinformation about confusion on Aids.

Descendant of the subfamily of lentiviruses of the family of retroviruses (Incorrect evidence for a partially correct statement)

Within the family of retroviruses HIV belongs to the family lentiviruses. The prefix, 'lenti,' meaning slow, refers to the long incubation period before the viruses trigger off the diseases in infected organisms.

Retroviruses are adaptable forms of life which multiply in the presence of cortisol. Cortisol becomes active during inter alia mental and spiritual stress. It is typical human hormone. Whilst probably all animals harbour retroviruses and can use these, they could be life-threatening to human beings.

During the course of human history, the persons with a special immuno-mechanism against retroviruses survived. As opposed to animals, most of us human beings are able to destroy the shells of retroviruses with C-4 complementary system.

In the scientific debates, the majority of researchers uphold the view that the monkey-immunodeficiency virus (SIV) is the direct precursor of HIV. We shall show that HIV was cultivated from the Virus of Infectious Anaemia of Horses.

Incorrect evidence for a partially correct statement 

NB: (The continuation of the above heading comes tomorrow)

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