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Saturday, October 29, 2016


South Africa president, Jacob Zuma sleeps in the Parliament

South Africa president, Jacob Zuma sleeps in the Parliament

Where is Nelson Mandela to see the present state of South Africa, the country he fought for, suffered for and went to jail for 27 years? 

South Africa is now in political crisis under president Jacob Zuma. South Africans are fed up and want Jacob Zuma to leave. The question is: Who has the magic wand to create more jobs and provide better education and health facilities for the suffering masses when every politician in Africa is inspired by corruption?

While Pravin Gordhan, the Minister of Finance, was presenting his 20the mid-term budget speech in Parliament, Jacob Zuma, the president of South African was seen a very deep sleep. 

Africa for decades has been a laughing stock in the eyes of Europe and America, the fact that there is everything in the continent to create jobs and develop the continent, yet the leaders seem to find no solution for themselves, instead depend on Europe and America years after independence swept through the continent.

Imagine a president sleeping during a budget presentation. What does this portray? Since Jacob Zuma stepped in as president, many South Africans have completely lost hope in the service of African National Congress (ANC), despite the efforts, sacrifice, and endurance by late Nelson Mandela  to eliminate the Apartheid system of government in the country. 

Jacob Zuma who is facing impeachment has been hit with 783 charges, ranging from alleged corruption to money laundering, fraud, and racketeering. A case if found guilty would lead the president behind bars. 

According to the South African online newspaper, 'Buzzsouthafrican online news,' the camera caught President Jacob Zuma sleeping for about an hour and 14 minutes, while every activity went on normal during the speech.

After a poor performance and exhausted government's funds, Zuma thinks to move the South African parliament to Pretoria will be safer and cheaper. In what way Mr. Zuma? It is not moving the Parliament to Pretoria will help South Africans but your achievement as head of state Mr. Zuma.

There is no doubt that South Africa is in the biggest political and economic crisis. It is likely that the country is on a total verge of collapse and will soon join or probably already joined Nigeria, which was once one of Africa's greatest countries but now on its knees beyond solution.

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