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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Cryptosporidium is a parasite that causes diarrhea. The disease can be deadly

Cryptosporidium is a parasite that causes diarrhea. The disease can be deadly

Cryptosporidia were put into action particularly in Uganda and Haiti in connection with HIV-infections

Cryptosporidiosis is not a natural consequence of an HIV-infection. It was produced by additional, intentional Cryptosporidia-infection to HIV-infected persons and is deadly. Cryptosporidiosis is harmless in healthy people.

The Cryptosporidia diseases in human beings are produced by agents which were bred by the USA forces. These agents were spread by mixing with dried milk and drinking water. "Cryptosporidia were put into action particularly in Uganda and Haiti in connection with HIV-infections."

Cryptosporidiosis in humans is as good as a new disease causing diarrhea, which only appeared in association with mass Aids diseases. The first two cases in the history of humankind are supposed  to have occurred in 1974 and six others in 1978/1979.

Three of these cases were healthy people and five had immunodeficiency. A further patient became ill in 1979. In a paper submitted in November 1980, it was mentioned that the patient was a homosexual man. 

The first reference that cryptosporidiosis frequently occurred among homosexual men during mass Aids medical reason for enquiring about sexual tendencies or even of mentioning these. 

Those scientists and publishers of the article responsible must have already known at that time about the imminent murder of homosexual men with the help of Aids-cryptosporidiosis. Cryptosporidia are protozoans which remain along the surface of the gastrointestinal tract without revealing any symptoms.

In other words, they are not affected by parts of the body's forces of resistance. Scientists of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR), USA bred a new pathogenous type of  Cryptosporidia from Guinea pigs, namely, Cryptosporidium wrairi. This new strain can also infect human beings. Illnesses of people were since 1974.

In healthy human beings, the new agent can only trigger off a temporary, harmless cases of diarrhea or not even trigger off any noteworthy effect at all. Among immunodeficiency people, it can trigger off fatal diarrhea entailing a daily loss of 20 liters of fluid. 

It can also be transmitted from calves to human beings. This is a modest conclusion but may have far reaching implications in developing countries. It can be contained in food, water, and soil and is transferable from there. Even airborne transmission has to be considered.

The agent emerged in 1984 in drinking water around Lackland Air Force Base, in Texas, in rivers, and in drinking-water around Seattle-Vancouver, in the river at San Francisco and in Georgia, USA and Aachen, in Germany.

It is hardly surprising that HIV-infected persons in Vancouver  and San Francisco, and even examined homosexual men who were not HIV-infected suddenly were nourishing new protozoan of the United States of America forces.

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