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Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The Obama administration sent thousands of US soldiers to West Africa to fight the Ebola crisis but the US military scientists are responsible for the bioweapons in Africa

The Obama administration sent thousands of US soldiers to West Africa to fight the Ebola crisis but the US military scientists are responsible for the bioweapons in Africa

The African nation fought for independence because it is necessary to get rid of the burden of colonialism, greed and sheer brutality. But Africans need to ask if ‘Democracy' is good for the continent because it is that type of government which has caused Africa’s downfall in regards to medical crimes after slavery and Apartheid.

The response of America and Western Europe, whenever military takes over in Africa is distasteful. They want the world, including African leaders to know that military government isn’t good for Africa but only the ‘almighty democracy.’

In fact, that’s not the issue. America and Western Europe hate military rule in Africa because it’s a stumbling block on their path to commit crimes in Africa. They really find it uncomfortable to negotiate with African leaders with guns in their hands, thus; in the name of democracy they control African leaders, enabling them to commit every crime in Africa.

They can't work with the military government in Africa, the reason whenever there is a coup in any African country, Western Europe, and America, close down their embassies in that African country and call out their ambassadors. 

Another important factor they dislike military rule in Africa is that all their medical crimes in Africa are done by scientists in military service in the US army. The reason during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa Obama administration sent thousands of US soldiers  to combat the crisis in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

In the name of Democracy, African leaders depend on Western Europe and America  for miracles in Africa. Unfortunately, they refuse to admit that no one can alleviate Africa's poverty, improve the fragile health care systems, and to protect the citizens, than themselves. Despite all the continents’ rich mineral resources African leaders still follow Europe and America like puppets on a string.

Frankly speaking, it’s great for every country to have a leader, the reason Africa has leaders but the task of a leader, many of the African leaders lack knowledge on that but perfect in corruption and depositing money at Swiss banks. The reason years after independence Africa still remains poor, with the lack of security, lack of better education and the lack of better health systems.

It seems after slavery, they have sold the entire continent to Europe and America for Africans to be slaughtered like cows by Aids and Ebola, diseases which were manufactured by America to depopulate Africa to take control of its vast mineral resources. Why do people think that way? The answer is simple and logical: Why have they refused to demand answers from America over the medical crimes despite that thousands of Africans are dying daily of Aids in the continent?

The Americans worked out the plans very well and inflicted the man-made bioweapons on Africa because they know that Africa has fragile health care system and couldn’t handle the situation. They are right, without them, Ebola would have wiped out the entire African continent because the disease is highly contagious. That was how it was made to spread fast and kill.

African leaders have totally disappointed Africans in such a manner it's necessary to ask if it worth for Africans to suffer in such hot temperatures to cast their votes for them? Yesterday was Aids, today is Ebola, what comes next? God only knows. 

If Africans believe in God then they should pray without ceasing because the leaders can't help and protect them. 

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