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Saturday, October 1, 2016


Ghanaian-Dutch politician, Amma Asante: What are Africans politicians in Europe doing about the Aids and Ebola crimes in Africa?

Ghanaian-Dutch politician, Amma Asante: What are Africans politicians in Europe doing about the Aids and Ebola crimes in Africa?

In the October edition of 'The African Bulletin,' I read 'History is made in the Dutch Parliament, following your admission as a member of the Netherlands legislature. You are to serve until March 2017, when the next elections are expected to be held, the article added.

We (Ghanaian-Belgian freelance journalist and author, Joel Savage and the Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen congratulate you for the efforts of reaching such point in the political history of the Netherlands.

Miss/Mrs. Asante, the significance of this letter is to remind you of your roots as an African as well as the big task on your shoulders because your political activities aren't only to help Ghanaians living in the Netherlands but the entire Africa nation.

You are not the only black politician in Europe, in fact, one of your neigbours in Belgium politics is the Nigerian-Belgian Collins Nweke. Like most African politicians, they ignore the masses after many hours in the sun, Mr. Collins Nweke neglected Africans in the Antwerp community.

About a decade ago, when the death rate of Africans increased significantly at the notorious Stuivenberg hospital in Antwerp, which caused so much fear that no African ever wanted to step, African-politician Collins Nweke was in Belgium, when the freelance journalist, Joel Savage, went to the hospital to investigate the reason Africans were dying in such large numbers. 

The investigation took the administration of the former mayor of Antwerp, Patrick Janssens by surprise and for two weeks police were protecting the hospital and the staff because they fear something terrible will happen in Antwerp. It was obvious that Africans were deliberately killed for body organs at the hospital. 

No one should doubt this story because Belgium has already proved that the black man has no value, the reason there is no statue of Adolf Hitler for the crime of killing six million Jews but there is a statue of Leopold II in Brussels, for killing over ten million Africans, including women and children in Congo.

Miss/Mrs. Asante, that investigation should have been done by the so-called African-politician, Collins Nweke in Antwerp. Mr. Nweke didn't congratulate Mr. Savage for his bold attempt which resulted in making Stuinvenberg hospital one of the safest hospitals at the moment for Africans. Instead, Mr. Collins Nweke attacked Joel Savage on the social platform 'Linkedin,' for writing an article captioned 'Why Africans are allergic to reading' to encourage Africans to read. 

Frankly speaking, if Africans love to read they should have realized by now that Aids and Ebola are bio-weapons to depopulate the continent. It sounds funny and indeed in illiteracy aspects, for some Africans to claim that Aids and Ebola are cursed by God. What has African done to be cursed? 

If God needs to curse it should be Europe and America but not Africa because out of all the continents it's only Africa that has suffered injustice, Apartheid, slavery, discrimination and racism at the hands of Europe and America. 

Miss/Mrs. Asante, now that you are a member of the Dutch Parliament, we wish to remind you of the crime Holland committed against Africa. We are not talking about crimes of Apartheid but as a Dutch scientist, my 42 years of research reveals that my own country, the Netherlands were among those responsible for inflicting man-made diseases on Africa to depopulate the continent.

My question is: If African leaders have failed Africans to bring those responsible for the medical genocide to justice and if Mr. Collins Nweke has failed Africans in Antwerp, what are you going to do to bring justice for Africans? 

"I am a white man Amma, for the love I have for Africa, my country Holland called me a whistle-blower' after revealing in my books (Aids De Grootste Misdaad In De Medische Geschiedenis)
previously published in the Netherlands that Aids and Ebola were medical crimes against Africa and I lost my job as a lecturer at the University of Maastricht. What love do you have for Africans Amma?

Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen

Dutch scientist and micro-surgeon, Johan Van Dongen

Amma, I will end my sermon by reminding you of something your great leader, Kwame Nkrumah said: The independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of Africa. In this way, being a Dutch member of Parliament will be totally useless and meaningless if you don't bring those responsible for the Aids and Ebola medical crimes in Africa to justice.

Africans are human beings. They don't need to be treated like that but it has happened because of the corrupt and inefficient leaders. We will take this opportunity to advise Africans to boycott elections because the leaders have accepted bribes from Europe and America to remain silent over the medical genocide. If they really care about Africans, then they should do something about it.

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