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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


The devastation of Ebola in West Africa

The devastation of Ebola in West Africa

You brood of vipers why are you scared of the wrath to come? In the world of crime, many people try to clean up all traces to avoid punishment. That's exactly the story of Aids and Ebola. 

Since Aids and Ebola are medical crimes for ages those responsible have tried desperately to cover up the crime. They think the need to cover up those crimes is necessary because they can't pay for the anger, destruction, violence that will erupt throughout the world.

Unfortunately, they are doing stupid things diplomatically and practically hoping it's going to save or help them. From the time the blog 'Secrets Of Aids, Ebola, and Other Man-Made Diseases was launched, the governments involved are alarmed and sorely afraid.

They have pulled down scientist Johan Van Dongen's Facebook page twice in two months. They have hacked into his account and sometimes couldn't even log into his own account.

We used to get over 700 readers per day since the new health blog was launched. Restless authorities have managed to reduce the exposure of the blog to about 300 readers per day. Yet, we don't care because the blog is already internationally known.

Yesterday, this is the message the scientist received from one of his fans on Facebook: 

"I have tried to share your post severals times but it doesn't go through, I think your account is hacked. Those politicians behind are blocking the message because they are scared. They are criminals and I am willing to help you to spread the message because there is no fear of God in them. If there is they will value the life of people whether black or white." 

"They can't do you anything. I have seen that you are working together with a journalist living in Belgium, a country that has decimated the face of Africa entirely. You mustn't be afraid because if they do anything against you that means they have paid for their own death. We Africans are quiet but we are not sleeping," he concluded. 

We (Johan Van Dongen and Joel Savage) thanked this African who sent this mail. Fear is a disease or sickness which has led to the victimization and killing of innocent people. We don't have that disease or fear. If we have we wouldn't have reached this point so far.

They committed the medical genocide. We didn't take part, they must therefore, reap the evil they have sown.

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