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Thursday, September 1, 2016


Aids doesn't discriminate:A black Aids patient

Aids doesn't discriminate: A black Aids patient 

Damaging medications, actions, and nutrients

HIV can be treated and here are some few recommendations. Isoniazid and sulfadiazid are strictly forbidden. Treatment by X-raying, UV radiation or cortisol must be carefully considered. Usually, they are to be avoided. Loss of blood and surgical operations can induce replicants of HIV.

New spices and meals can induce diarrhea. Peas and beans should be avoided, likewise, all meals which provoke irritation of stomach bowels.

Beneficial actions, nutrients, and medications

1) Reduce cortisol by:
a) Avoiding unnecessary fear: Since 1978, in 15 years about 120,000 people have died worldwide as a consequence of HIV-infection. Since that time 45,000,000 people died because of tuberculosis, 4,500,000 by traffic accidents and 13,000,000 people alive, who are said to carry HIV.

The majority are healthy and not knowing that they carrying HIV. Calmly reassure the patient that the HIV-infection can be cured. Ensure the patient has a good night's sleep, either by getting him to change his way of life or possibly prescribing Diazepam tablets. HIV-tests can incite fear and cortisone production. It is unmedical, to demand them.

b) Substances to impair HIV and by this to strengthen the nerves: Hypericin (Hyperforat, Psychoronin, Aristoforat, Esbericum, St. John's wort blossom's tea), Tryptophan (tablets: and for example, in milk together with honey, sweet fruits). Diphenylhydantoin (Phenhydan, Zentropil, Epanutin).

c) Antidotes: Zinc (Zinkorotrat), Lidocain, Procain, Nifedipin, Cimetidine, Opiates, (for example, Methadone), Naltrexone, (Nalorex, Trexan), Peptide T, Thalidomide.

Individually adapted:
- Suramin (Germanin): also fights HIV-carrier Onchocerca volvulus (active parts in garlic, ginseng, comfrey), 
- Ketoconazol (Nizoral) : especially for fungal infections.
- Rifabutin (Rifamycin): especially against TB and M.a.c. (active parts in rhubarb, aloe).

2) Increase sex hormones by:
a) Maintaining and consenting to sensuousness,
b) Vitamine E (Spondyvit, Sanavitan, rye bread, salad oils,
c) DHEA (Astenile), Testosterone, (Andrio), Megestrolacetate, Oestrogen, (tablets, in avocado, honey, pollen), RU486, Trichosanthin.

3) Renew thymus functions by: Thymus-medications (Thym-Uvocal, Thymoject, TP-I Serona, Thymopentin, Timunox), Arbortvitae extracts, Inosinpranobex, (Inosin, Delimmun, Isoprinosine), Diethylthiocarbamate (Imuthiol, Disulfiram, Antabus) Tuftsin, Tacridin. 

4) Renew interferon mechanism by Kemron.

Aids doesn't discriminate: A white Aids patient

 Aids doesn't discriminate: A white Aids patient

5) Provide antibodies to fight infection by: intravenous gammaglobulins.

6) Bring HIV under control by Dextran-sulphate (Sklerogamma, Asuro, Bicibon, in sea products, fish, crustaceans, algae, cartilage extracts), AL 721 ( Essentiale forte, Lipostabil 300, Ovothin 120,  egg yolk, nuts, lecithin, seed oil of evening primrose), Antimonium wolframate (HPA-23).

Aids diseases can be additionally be treated as follows:

- Candidiasis: excess oxygen pressure, Phaseolin, Ketoconazol (Nizoral), Amphotericin B (Moronal): honey.

- Cytomegalo Virus-infection: Transfer Factor, Ribavirin, Foscarnet.

- Disease by EBV: Procain, Lidocain. Gargle daily three times ten minutes with (sunflower) oil. 

- Pneumocystis carinii-pneumonia: TMS, Pentamidin.

- Kaposi's Sarcoma: electric current (bath) 

- Toxoplasmosis: TMS.

- Cryptococcosis: Amphotericin B (Moronal).

- Isosporosis: Ketoconazol (Nizoral) Fluconazol), TMS.

- Tuberculosis: Rifabutin.

The treatment of an infected person must be accommodated to the symptoms and to clinical results. The following medications are easy to be obtained and are suitable for nearly all persons as daily basis therapy.

3X1 tablet Hypericin (Hyperforat, Psychotonin, Aristoforat, Esbericum, 

3x1 tablet Zinkorotrat.

3X1 tablet Tyme-Uvocal,

2x1 tablet Pentosanpolysulfate SP54,

1x1 tablet Spondyvit,

for men: 3x1 tablet Andriol,

for women: 1x1 caps. Oestrofeminal.

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