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Saturday, September 24, 2016


Albinos are often ambushed and parts of bodies taken for ritual purpose

Albinos are often ambushed and parts of bodies taken for ritual purpose

Africa is a place often referred to as the Dark Continent, in terms of colour but there is something more associated to the term dark, controlling the minds of people to indulge in satanic rituals and demonic activities. Woe unto you if you are born albino.

Albinism is a genetically inherited condition characterized by a deficit in melanin production that leaves people in that condition with pale skin, usually light, sometimes reddish eyes and blond hair.

The belief that the body parts of an albino could bring wealth and luck has caused fear in the African communities for albinos, as they are increasingly being targeted by witch-doctors because superstitions feed myths that they are ghosts, sorcerers or demons who have been cursed, thus; when body parts are used for rituals you become extremely rich.

Recently five albino children whose arms and legs were chopped off for rituals were flown to a children’s hospital in Philadelphia to be treated for the horrific injuries they received and also had new prosthetics limbs. 

The albinos are often ambushed in the night at rural areas and many times have no power to defend themselves. Some years back in Africa, people with hump were brutally killed and the hump removed from the victim's back for ritual purposes. Today, innocent albinos are suffering a similar fate.

In recent developments to save albinos from persecution, the Tanzania government has banned witch doctors due to prevent the use of their body parts for magic potions and lotions.

It's unfortunate that people in such condition suffer such discrimination and even death. Man needs to work hard for his daily bread but not to kill to get rich quick.

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