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Sunday, September 4, 2016


There is no normal mosquito bite that can shrink a baby's head unless it's a special breed to carry out a deadly deformity mission.

There is no normal mosquito bite that can shrink a baby's head unless it's a special breed to carry out a deadly deformity mission.

The following insects can be virus transmitters: horse flies, stable flies, black flies and mosquitoes

Under experimental conditions, it was possible to prove that insects transmit the viruses contained in infected body fluids such as blood, urine, semen or milk. 

The virus of Infectious Anaemia of  Horse is contained in single cell intestinal parasite filariae Onchocerca volvulus and in the larvae of horse flies in the stomach of horses suffering from Infectious Anaemia mostly also have intestinal parasites.

Transmission occurs exclusively during the acute phases of the disease, but then to all horses within the insects flying range. The following can be transmitters: horse flies, stable flies, black flies, and mosquitoes. 

New studies have confirmed that retroviruses, such as Virus of Infectious Anaemia of Horse can even be infectious if the uninjured horse skin or mucous membranes of the mouth have been splashed with urine containing the virus.

Provided that the horse virus of anaemia spreads naturally, then the risk of infection covers only a specific area.

Anaemia Horse Virus Used As A Biological Weapon During World War I

Infectious anaemia of horses was used as a biological weapon during the World War I. It was a great temptation for the army to infect and thus reduce the enemy's horse stocks since there were an important means of transport and attack.

Germany was the first to target the Virus of Infectious Anaemia of Horse to the animal stocks of its enemies. On account of the war, reports on the mass diseases of horses are inconsistent. The majority of authors were in the armed forces or veterinary surgeons working for the government.

Their major task was to dispel all suspicions that the horse disease was intentionally transmitted by Germany. However, the reports were also frequently contradictory owing to the unspecific symptoms of Infectious Anaemia of Horse.

The affected countries in question were groping in the dark for a long time. Fever, weakness, and weight loss among the animals were mostly diagnosed as being the symptoms of influenza, glanders equinia of antrax.

The world wants to know Center for Diseases Control and the World Health Organization: The mosquito Aedes Aegypti transmits malaria in Africa, so why the same mosquito transmits a different virus called Zika in Central and South-America?

Because it's a special breed mosquito. The FBI boasts of their intelligence but where is the intelligence to expose the American government? Those who cover up crimes are more dangerous than those committing it.

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